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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mobile Innovation Series (Part 6): Innovating Value Propositions

Shutterstock_84098731As introduced five weeks ago, I'm currently running a 6-Part Article Series on Mobile Innovation that illuminates 5 mobile innovation strategies across brand engagement, sales channels, product offerings, customer experiences, and value propositions. 

Throughout the series I've explored the wide-ranging strategies across innovating brand engagement through mobileinnovating sales channels through mobileinnovating product offerings through mobile and innovating customer experiences through mobile.

Which brings me full circle to the sixth segment and the final innovation strategy that will close this series: Innovating Value Propositions Through Mobile.

Value propositions are the heart, soul, and epicenter of a business, as they reflect an organization’s market positioning while communicating the core promises that companies make to their customers. And in the hierarchy of marketing, value propositions reign supreme: where tactics are foot soldiers, and strategies are generals, value propositions are the high priestesses.

Innovation-through-mobile-CK-ebookWhile value propositions themselves are quite conceptual, their byproducts are not—as all products, services, strategies, and tactics work in concert to support and deliver upon each company’s value proposition. And we marketers take our value propositions very seriously: laboring intensely over their creation, fighting fiercely to ensure all products and programs support them, and working tirelessly to evolve them to ensure their ongoing relevance.

In this segment I guide marketers on how to wield mobile to move their brands into bigger, broader market positions that provide exponentially greater value propositions to their customers. Included are case examples of smart organizations leveraging mobile apps, mobile technologies and mobile sensors to innovate their value propositions through mobile.

Get Part #6 here. And for other mobile-innovation content, please choose from the below: 

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