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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Mobile Innovation Series: Welcome To Your Innovation Moment (Part 1 of a 6-Part Series)

Shutterstock_84098731Starting today, I've launched a 6-Part Series on Mobile Innovation at MarketingProfs. For the next 6 weeks, I will air one article weekly that will illuminate 5 mobile innovation strategies across brand engagement, sales channels, product offerings, customer experiences, and value propositions.

Why innovation? Because innovation is the single most important part, product and process of any organization.  After all, innovation is how business wars are won, captains of industry are crowned, companies are reinvented—and entire industries are rebooted.  Far from an option, innovation is an imperative, as it drives real business growth while providing the only real insurance a company has against obsolescence.

And with mobile, opportunities for innovation abound... more so than with all other media. Because no other medium in the history of all media has so drastically changed market behavior; and no other medium has become so core to all business and consumer activities, or so pervasive across every populace, in all pockets of the world.

A powerhouse pairing of sophisticated capabilities and robust marketing tools, mobile is the only medium that serves as a catalyst for innovation across the entire marketing ecosystem. Because, through mobile, marketers have the power to transform the totality of that ecosystem, spanning how their brands are positioned, the channels through which they are sold, the ways in which their audiences are engaged, the new products that they develop, and the customer experiences they create.

Make no mistake, mobile is your innovation moment, marketers. And through the course of this series, I will illuminate a framework of five mobile innovation strategies supported by a host of brand examples across a wide swath of industries and mobile tools—ranging from SMS alerts, QR codes and mobile websites to apps, augmented reality, and mobile sensors. 

Spanning the marketing ecosystem, strategies I will explore through each segment entail:

  • Part 1: Welcome To Your Innovation Moment, Marketers (airing 04/02/13)
  • Part 2: Mobile Innovation Strategy #1: Bolstering brand engagement through mobile (airing 04/09/13)
  • Part 3: Mobile Innovation Strategy #2: Initiating new sales channels through mobile (airing 04/16/13)
  • Part 4: Mobile Innovation Strategy #3: Energizing product offerings through mobile (airing 04/23/13)
  • Part 5: Mobile Innovation Strategy #4: Improving customer experiences through mobile (airing 04/30/13)
  • Part 6: Mobile Innovation Strategy #5: Emboldening value propositions through mobile (airing 05/07/13)

Innovation-through-mobile-CK-ebookWelcome to your innovation moment, marketers—a rare and precious opportunity to rethink, reimagine and reinvent your brands through the most defining media of your lifetime.  This 6-Part Series on Mobile Innovation will help you make the most of it.

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