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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mobile Innovation Series (Part 4): Innovating Product Offerings

Shutterstock_104983631As introduced three weeks ago, I'm currently running a 6-Part Article Series on Mobile Innovation that illuminates 5 mobile innovation strategies across brand engagement, sales channels, product offerings, customer experiences, and value propositions. 

So far I've explored two strategies: innovating brand engagement through mobile and innovating sales channels through mobile. And that brings me to strategy #3: Innovating Product Offerings Through Mobile.

Inarguably, the lifeblood of any company is its revenue. And the sale of product offerings—be it products, services or solutions—are how companies garner the revenue necessary for them to grow and flourish. With revenue being the top priority, companies must continually improve and evolve their product offerings in order to maintain current customers, attract new customers, differentiate from their competitors, and gain more market share.

But we are now a mobile world, replete with mobile work styles, mobile life styles, and mobile expectations. And customers, whether they are consumer or executive audiences, are expecting companies to use the very same technology that has improved their lives to improve the products and services that they use.

Innovation-through-mobile-CK-ebookIn this segment, I guide marketers on how to wield mobile as a way to energize existing product offerings, and by tapping mobile to develop entirely new offerings. Through the former, mobile can serve to keep a company’s product offerings more compelling, and relevant to its target markets. And through the latter, mobile can open entirely new worlds of revenue.

Included are case examples of savvy companies leveraging mobile technologies, mobile augmented reality and mobile sensors to innovate their product offerings through mobile.

Get Part #4 here. And for other mobile-innovation content, please choose from the below: 

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