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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mobile Innovation Series (Part 3): Innovating Sales Channels

Shutterstock_98135378As introduced two weeks ago, I'm currently running a 6-Part Article Series on Mobile Innovation that illuminates 5 mobile innovation strategies across brand engagement, sales channels, product offerings, customer experiences, and value propositions. 

Last week—view the article here—I explored the first strategy of "innovating brand engagement" through mobile and this week I dive into Innovation Strategy #2 where I explore: Innovating Sales Channels through Mobile

As any marketer knows, sales are mission-critical to the success and survival of all companies. But what many a marketer doesn’t yet fully understand is how many ways mobile can be wielded to stimulate sales... more so than through any other media.

Innovation-through-mobile-CK-ebookIn this segment, I guide marketers on how to wield mobile as a channel to sell and up-sell product offerings at, or near, to the point of purchase; as a virtual sales assistant to inspire more purchases; and as a means to transform existing places and activities into entirely new sales channels. Included are case examples of smart brands leveraging QR codes, mobile videos and mobile apps to innovate their sales channels through mobile.

Get Part #3 here. And for other mobile-innovation content, please choose from the below: 

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