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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Mobile Innovation Series (Part 2): Innovating Brand Engagement

Shutterstock_106281935As introduced last week, I'm currently running a 6-Part Article Series on Mobile Innovation that illuminates 5 mobile innovation strategies across brand engagement, sales channels, product offerings, customer experiences, and value propositions. 

Last week—view the article here—was the introduction to the incredible innovation moment that mobile heralds for marketers. And this week, I dive into Innovation Strategy #1 where I explore: Innovating Brand Engagement through Mobile.

Without question, winning in today’s crowded, chaotic marketplace means attracting and maintaining high levels of brand engagement. Where mobile is rife with newfound potential for bolstering audience engagement, it also proffers many a welcome solution to the status quo.

Innovation-through-mobile-CK-ebookIn this segment, I guide marketers on how to wield mobile to transform why, when, where and how audiences engage with their brands. Included are case examples of smart brands leveraging SMS alerts, augmented reality and mobile websites to innovate how they are engaging their target audiences through mobile.

Get Part #2 here. And for other mobile-innovation content, please choose from the below: 

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