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Thursday, March 07, 2013

CK's NEW Mobile-Marketing eBook: Innovation Through Mobile

Innovation Through Mobile

The goal is Innovation. The strategy is mobile. The moment is yours.
How will you wield mobile to make the most of your innovation moment?

Innovation-through-Mobile-Marketing-ebookMobile marketing expert and speaker Christina “CK” Kerley follows up her seminal eBook onThe Mobile Revolution with a power-packed eBook focused on the most important part, product and process of business:INNOVATION.

CK’s insightful, inventive premise is that marketers must wield mobile to innovate their entire marketing ecosystem so as to leapfrog the competition—rather than merely integrate mobile in an effort to keep pace with the status quo.

Featuring 5 Innovation Strategies and 10+ brand examples, through “Innovation through Mobile,” B2C and B2B executives alike will learn innovation strategies across the entire marketing ecosystem, spanning: bolstering brand engagement; initiating new sales channels; energizing product offerings; improving customer experience; and emboldening value propositions.

Mobile-marketing-innovation-ebookAccording to CK, “A mobile revolution is afoot, but marketers must be this era’s revolutionaries. Because mobile, while remarkable and transformative, is still just the technology… the innovation lies in how companies wield this incredible media to break new ground, build new profit centers, develop enriching experiences, solve problems on scales both large and small and better serve their target markets.”

Mobile is your innovation moment, marketers—a rare and precious opportunity to rethink, reimagine and reinvent your brands through the most defining media of your lifetime. CK teaches you how to make the most of it.

Stop Integrating. Start Innovating. Get the eBook Here.

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