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Saturday, March 02, 2013

New, Improved and Innovative: CK's new sites, services & eBooks!

CK-marketing-innovationI am so pleased to introduce my new websites (destktop & mobile), new eBooks and new services. So, what all is new?

In a word: EVERYTHING!

For a short overview of everything new, please go here. For a longer overview, just keep reading...

#1: New website: AllThingsCK.com = All Things Marketing Innovation. All things new services, videos, eBooks and more await you here.


#2: New Services: Innovation Clinics, Corp. Retreats & More.

Clients are asking for more than speeches and, in return, I've developed a full suite of new services—spanning Training Intensives, Innovation Clinics and Executive Retreats.


CK-mobile-site#3: New mobile site: Every screen deserves its own experience.

With a new desktop site, comes a whole new mobile site. Just grab your smartphone, fire up your browswer and type in allthingsCK.com and you'll receive the mobile optimized experience.

Or, simply scan the QR code to the right with your smartphone and easily get to my mobile site that way, too (note: QR reader app is needed).


#4: New eBook: Innovation through Mobile. Marketers, make the most of your innovation moment—my eBook shows you how.

Ck-mobile-innovation-ebookThis power-packed eBook focused on the most important part, product & process of business: InnovationFeaturing 5 Innovation Strategies and 10+ brand examples, my premise is that marketers must wield mobile to innovate their entire marketing ecosystem so as to leapfrog the competition—rather than merely integrate mobile in an effort to keep pace with the status quo. 

Go here to get it. And, see below for my next eBook!


#5: New Focus Area: Mobile's New Frontier: The Internet of Things

AllThingsCK_IOT_page_graphic_021913I am over the moon to launch my newest practice area... and the newest frontier in mobile computing. Welcome to "The Internet of Things" or, as I like to coin it, "The INNOVATION of Things." To learn more about my new focus area go here. And to sign-up to get a copy of my eBook on this practice area (launching in Q4 of this year), please go here.

Thank you for letting me share all of this "new" with you... as always, I hope it brings you newfound value in return.

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