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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing CK's New Mobile-Marketing Video Series!


In 2011, in fact right at this time of year, I launched my B2B mobile-marketing guide—and it was an important piece for me to publish as it was the first solid piece of thought leadership to focus on mobile imperatives for B2B marketers.

Though with that said, the paper's imperatives and insights are just as relevant to B2C. Why? Because it hits home how mobile’s real revolution isn’t one of devices but a revolution in behavior across the way our markets now live, work, communicate, and buy. Or, as I explain in the paper, "Mobile's true story is not that we're changing our technology to mobile, but how mobile technology is changing us."

And that brings me to 2012.  After all, a new year is a new reason for a new program.

When I began planning my new program, I knew the “what” (mobile!), I knew the "who" (marketers!) and I certainly knew the “why” (mobile = most sweeping media of all time!). But I wasn’t sure of the “how.” So, I turned to my goals...

I had 3 goals that guided me:

  1. Audience Experience: First and foremost, it had to be an engaging experience for my audience—audience always comes first—and it needed to be something unique.
  2. Insights for B2B and B2C: It had to arm both B2B and B2C marketers with strategic advice on why and how mobile can move the needle for their businesses, increase brand engagement with their audiences, and strengthen the customer relationships that are critical to their ROI. After all, that's the true magic of mobile.
  3. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Device.: The program needed to be easily and effectively consumed on Web-enabled devices of any size: be they large laptops, small smartphones, or the in-between category of tablets. Remember, mobile screens are quickly becoming the "first-screen" for Web content. (How many times do you look at your smartphone everyday?)

And my goals led to my new mobile-marketing video series:

My new mobile-marketing series enables me to hit my 3-goal mark as (#1) I’m connecting with my audience in a more engaging environment (video) and in a "different" way, (#2) my lessons are laser-focused on B2B and B2C strategies to succeed in this anytime-anywhere, always-on world, and, (#3) the format accommodates all viewing screens—be they be small smartphones, large laptops, or mid-sized tablets (my videos are available at both my desktop/tablet and mobile sites).  

I do so very much hope you find the videos valuable in your mobile journeys. Depending upon each segment's featured topic, video segments range 6-9 minutes each. 

Just to re-cap, here are many ways to get CK's mobile-marketing goodies:

Thanks, marketers. As I say at the end of each video, keep gaining ideas, getting inspired, and going mobile!

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