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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mobile Marketing and You: Featured In Print Professional Magazine

In the recent edition of Print Professional—through the article Mobile Marketing and You —I give insights and advice on mobile-marketing best practices across QR codes and SMS campaigns

Here's an excerpt:  

"SMS is a very personal channel—a business is literally asking permission to send text alerts to a user's mobile device," said Kerley. "There are really two critical pieces here: Whatever communications a business is promoting via SMS must be of high value (be that value an incentive or a new product), and the business must not overload the SMS channel—otherwise, users will quickly opt-out of all SMS alerts, and they'll never subscribe again."

She added, "In essence it's all about quality, not quantity."

I hope you find the advice helpful...the full article can be downloaded here (PDF). And in case you seek my full guide on B2B Mobile Marketing—The Mobile Revolution & B2B—just go here and for all mobile-marketing video clips just go here.

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