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Thursday, February 09, 2012

B2B Mobile Marketing: Featured In BtoB Magazine Article on Mobile Engagement


In this BtoB Magazine article, Mobile advertising: Make it engaging, which I'm thrilled to be a part of, explores the opportunities and challenges of mobile display advertising. My contributions urge marketers to develop engaging advertisements that focus on their customers’ needs. And I also advocate to get creative in using formats prime for the mobile environment, as with using video not just text and graphics.

Here's an excerpt:

Once ads are delivered, the challenge becomes matching the ad to the medium—because mobile screens are so much smaller, a typical banner ad would only have room for a few words, hardly an effective message.

Instead, said mobile marketing expert Christina “CK” Kerley, the trick is to make the ads as engaging as possible.

“There are interesting things you can do to mobile display ads, whether it's on a website or an in-app ad,” she said. “You have to engage the customer and do something that's uniquely suited to the mobile environment.”

As an example, Kerley gave UPS' recent “That's Amore” b2b campaign, which included a mobile component with display ads that linked to case studies of real business owners who used UPS to improve their logistics. “Their mobile ads linked to customer stories about how UPS helped them,” she said. Mobile display is also a perfect venue for videos, she said.

Full article here

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