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Friday, January 13, 2012

Mobile Marketing 101: Unique Experiences For Unique Environments

CK SitesWhile mobile-marketing tools and strategies will differ amongst different companies; like any strategy worth its salt, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. There is, however, one action that all companies—yes, every single company—must take. We must optimize our content for the mobile environment.

Why? Because the mobile environment is unique, our audiences' needs are unique when they're mobile, and the mobile environment has a unique set of best practices, opportunities and constraints.

I feature an example above of my own sites (desktop and mobile), which I'm constantly working to improve based on audience feedback. Whether users' type in www.CKB2B.com through their browsers on their laptops or their smartphones they're automatically provided the right experience for the environment they're in right now.

That said, websites are but one part, as we need to think this way about all of our Web content, including enewsletters (how often do you read email on your smartphone vs. your laptop?) and campaign landing pages.

In the video below I hit on this, and refer to it as "thinking inside the box". Remember, at any given time, we don't know through which environment our target audiences are accessing our content—be it through their laptops, tablets or smartphones—but our job as marketers is to delight them through unique content experiences.

Why? Because in a world where our competitors are just a click away and marketing clutter abounds, we are fortunate to have audiences accessing our content... so we want to ensure they keep accessing it in the future. And we really want to delight them so much that they buzz about us to others.

So, while optimizing content for mobile devices is not a strategic endeavor (I go through some strategies in my paper here), it is a marketing imperative. Make sure it's at the top of your list for 2012. For all videos, just go here.

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