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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mobile Revolution & B2B: The (Cool!) InfoDoodle

Mobile Revolution and B2B_Doodle

Earlier this month I had the tremendous honor of being a featured speaker at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum where I spoke on the subject of The Mobile Revolution & B2B (get the paper here, watch the videos here). It was a terrific event with a smart lineup of sessions and speakers, a large turnout of B2B marketers from companies all over the nation, and a series of networking sessions that fostered conversations and relationships. 

During my session the very talented marketer Leigh-Duncan Durst (find her on twitter here) captured the session's key points through this cool InfoDoodle. I don't know how she managed to design this so quickly and perfectly, but I'm thankful to her for creating this wonderful takeaway that we can all enjoy.

It never ceases to amaze me just how fortunate I am to be marketing in a time when we have such exciting media in our midst... and to have the opportunity to meet such amazing minds that aren't only strategic geniuses, but have amazing doodling skills, to boot!  

Click here to get the fun InfoDoodle and to learn more about B2B mobile marketing, head right on over here.

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Love it!! You were a rock star at the B2B Forum. THANK YOU for being part of it!

Great work there Leigh, and is that my picture in there of Leigh's doodling? ;)

Just love this! really captures highlights of your presentation! Learned so much from you! And still learning!!

i used to do scribbles like this.

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