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Monday, April 11, 2011

Must-Have Road Map For B2Bs: The Mobile Revolution & B2B

5 Marketing Imperatives 10 B2B Examples 7 Lesson-Rich Videos

"B2B companies must align their marketing with the profound, permanent shifts that mobile is driving across their core audiences... or risk their relevance in a business world forever changed by anytime, anywhere, always-on media."



Last week I posted on the feature article I penned for the current issue of Chief Content Officer (get it here) and this week I'm launching the expanded paper which serves as a seminal guide—and a must-have road map forB2B marketers—along with a new website.

Why a full paper and website? 3 reasons, namely:

#1 Revolution Afoot: Mobile doesn't merely signal a new set of marketing media; far more powerful, mobile drives a unique revolution across consumer and business markets.

B2B Mobile Revolution CKWhether or not “going mobile” is yet on the B2B priority list, the mobile revolution is expanding at an unprecedented, almost unbelievable, pace all around B2B organizations. But mobile devices aren’t the story. They’re just the screens. In the mobile revolution, what is most important—yet not widely understood—isn’t that we're changing our technology, but that this technology is changing us. 

The mobile revolution is defined not by a mass conversion in communications devices but the sea change that mobile media is driving across the needs, preferences, expectations, and thresholds of today's consumer and business audiences. 

Thus, these dramatic and permanent shifts spurred by anytime-anywhere media means our consumer and business markets have changed. And as marketers charged with serving those business markets, we B2Bs must also change.

#2 Business Case: B2Bs need to understand the robust business case for mobile integration.

With over 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, 72% of the U.S. workforce already mobile, 64% of B2B decision makers currently reading their email via mobile devices, and more than 70% of executives under 40 considering mobile their primary communications tool—professionals now view their mobile devices as veritable "lifelines to their livelihoods." In fact, mobile integration represents the most favorable business case that the boardroom has ever seen, or imagined.

But B2B companies have been slow to move into mobile. And the irony is stark, given that mobile is the one set of media that is most used by their target audiences. By sitting on the sidelines, B2Bs aren't only missing prime opportunities to reach, engage and deepen relationships with their audiences, they're risking their company's relevance in a newly mobile business world.

#3 B2B-Focused: B2Bs need mobile marketing information focused on their audiences, their challenges, and the ROI opportunities that mobile holds for their companies.

B2b_mobile_revolution_montageThe piece—a must-have road map for B2B marketers—fills the gaping void of B2B mobile-marketing information and insight. Focused entirely on B2B and exclusively on business audiences, The Mobile Revolution & B2B: Why Mobile Ignites A Revolution And The Marketing Imperatives For Today’s B2Bs, crystallizes the big-picture business case for B2B mobile integration and outlays a 5-point framework of marketing imperatives for B2B executives.

Packed with mobile statistics, supported by 10 B2B mobile examples, and featuring 7 lesson-rich video clips, The Mobile Revolution & B2B is a seminal guide for B2B companies that need to adjust, align and advance their businesses in a newly mobile planet undergoing a unique revolution.

Get the Paper NOW: www.B2BMobileRevolution.com

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