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Friday, April 22, 2011

Press Coverage For "The Mobile Revolution & B2B"

BtoB Magazine Article Mobile A BIG thank you to Paul Gillin and BtoB Magazine for the Q&A on B2B Mobile Marketing that features my recently launched B2B Mobile Marketing Guide. (Learn more and get "The Mobile Revolution & B2B" here).

In the interview, Paul asks me about the business case for B2B (vs. B2C) mobile marketing, various examples of B2B mobile programs, mobile apps and mobile websites, and metrics for tracking mobile ROI.

Insofar as the guide, The Mobile Revolution & B2B: Why Mobile Ignites A Revolution And The Marketing Imperatives For Today’s B2Bs, I outlay the big-picture business case for B2B mobile, provide a 5-point framework of marketing imperatives, and highlight 10 examples of B2B mobile programs from companies in various industries, as well as a bunch of short videos to further explain key points.

If you haven't already, you can download it here. Good luck taking your B2B mobile!

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