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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Social Media and Mobile Marketing: Gaining A Career Competitive Advantage (Rutgers University Keynote)

Rutgers Keynote Social and Mobile Media
Change Agents As I announced in early October, I'm tremendously excited (and honored!) to be joining the faculty at The Rutgers University Center for Management Development as an Adjunct Professor for their Mini-MBA Program where I'll be instructing on B2B Social Media and Mobile Marketing for students.

The part-time teaching format works perfectly as it enables me to keep running my business while also keeping a foot in the academic world of which I'm so fond. And it enables me to exercise the philosophy of"always be learning and sharing knowledge" that is so very enriching for me professionally and personally. And in a world of breakneck change and breakthrough technologies, what's not to love about guiding professionals on how best to use these media for company and career advancement?

10-28-2010 6-48-56 AM This past week Rutgers held a beautifully orchestrated Open House, in which I gave the keynote presentation, for graduate-level students and executives. The session focused on how building competencies in emerging technologiesmost notably social and mobile mediagives today's executives a competitive advantage... no matter if they're working in the roles of marketing, public relations, management, R&D, recruiting, customer service or technology. After all, these technologies are not isolated to one department or professional competency, as they are pervasive and core to the way that we all live, work, buy and communicate now.

10-28-2010 6-48-06 AM These technologies, when used in strategic and unique ways, enable companies more ways to innovate, engage and build relationships with their target audiences than ever before. And as a result, companies are seeking professionals who are versed in the strategies, tools and tactics of social media and mobile marketing. Ergo, in increasing our sophistication around these new media, we increase our value in the broader business environment.

At the event we had a packed house of tremendously smart professionals. And, as I promised attendees, I'm sharing the presentation through my blog. This will also be posted on Rutgers' blog soon... as well as a video of the presentation, so stay tuned! (UPDATE: Access some video footage here)

Best viewed in full-screen format, the slideshow is below (Note: Mobile users, RSS readers and email subscribers, please go here to view).

Heaping amounts of praise to Rutgers for being so forward-thinking in offering these continuing- education programs and for letting me speak on subjects that are so near and dear to my heart. Also, information on the Social Media Mini-MBA Program is available here.

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Hi CK,

I couldn't agree with you more. I work for a Boston based start-up called Mobilaurus, and we've been helping Universities, restaurants, and other business capitalize on the mobile trend. This trend is only growing, and early adopters will ultimately reap the benefits the most!

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