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Sunday, February 21, 2010

B2B Mobile Marketing: Why Mobile For B2Bs? (A Slideshow)

ScreenHunter_04 Feb. 21 13.27 Along with my recent discussion around the central question of 'Why do business professionals use social media?' (that slideshow is located here), I was also asked to hold a discussion around the topic of 'Why Mobile for B2Bs?" 

It's a great question given that, unlike B2Cs, many most B2Bs, haven't fully recognized how mobile media poses a robust, ROI-generating channel for their marketing effortsand they're also not aware of the myriad reasons and sound rationale for integrating mobile into their plans and programs.

To ensure I hit on all the key points and benefits, I used this slideshow as support and want to share it with readers... as the information may be helpful in the discussions you're holding with B2Bs around the exact same topic!

Please view the slideshow below, which is best viewed in FULL-screen format as several slides are text-heavy to ensure an adequate level of explanation for B2Bs who are striving to understand the benefits of mobile marketing.

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I think there's more of a market for paid B2B apps than most B2C apps. Design a good one, and your partners WILL pay for its functionality.

B2C apps can sell for only a few dollars, B2B can sell for MUCH MUCH more.

CK, Great perspective. Thanks for sharing this. I also think that new developments around Augmented Reality tech on smartphones are going to drive interest - and opportunities(!) - for b2b marketers. We wrote a blog post on this a few weeks ago which may be of interest: http://earnestagency.wordpress.com/2010/01/22/augmented-reality-the-implications-for-b2b-marketing/

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