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Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Both Social Media and Mobile Media, Your *Goal* Is Exactly The Same: To Get YOUR Brands Into THEIR Worlds.

Left_people-globe In my previous post I discussed how we marketers fight different battles in Social Media and Mobile Media, but the *mission* for which we’re fighting is exactly the same, namely: Integration of these Disruptive Media into the Marketing Mix.

That post focused on the battles (and obstacles!) we face as they pertain to acceptance from the corporate community and standards from the industry's players. It was more internally based vs. outwardly, market based. So in this post I want to turn my attention away from captains of industry to focus squarely on CUSTOMERS.

I want to look at marketing goals, not marketers' missions. And while B2B marketing is my preferred focus, I should point out that this advice wholly applies to B2C marketing as well. That said, my advice is this:

In Social Media and Mobile Media, your *Goal* with your target audiences is exactly the same: To Get YOUR Brands Into THEIR Worlds.

And the way into their worldswhether as part of their online communities (social media) or securing a presence on their Web-enabled handheld devices (mobile media)is through the value your brands provide them. High levels of value will get your brands into their worlds, lack thereof will get your brands ignored.

In older forms of marketing with only one-way communications systems at our disposal, we marketers didn’t ask our target audiences to be invited into their worlds. Not really. Sure, we still asked them for their time, attention, and, of course, their money! But we didn’t need to be invited because the technologies of the time didn't give us the ability to interact with them, nor did it give them the level of control to invite or ignore us.

And through disruptive media, be it social and/or mobile technologies, that has all changed. So now the critical success factor becomes that YOUR brands must make THEIR worlds BETTER.

The value you'll provide your target audiences will range a wide spectrum. It could take the form of making everyday tasks easier or more entertaining, making professionals smarter in their career paths, keeping them informed of breaking developments important to their jobs, assisting them in their product-based needs or helping them lower their purchasing risk, removing obstacles and lessening "pain points" inherent to their industries and functions, giving them new channels for customer service, enabling new ways for them to find like-minded peers/professionals such as in subject-matter online forums or through location-based mobile applications. And so on and so forth.

PeopleGlobe The value that you'll provide your audiences will always be case-specific to, and contingent upon, your company + your brand's benefits + your market + your competitors. But your goal will be the same. And while your brand may play a big part or small role in their worlds, your goal will always be to play some part.

And once inside their worlds? You need to maintain that brand presence and develop those relationships so as to grow revenue for YOUR world. Otherwise, in social media, they'll just ignore you, or even mock you. And in mobile media they'll just opt-out from your message alerts and delete those fancy mobile apps you worked so hard on.

*Net net* In these disruptive media, whether you're tapping social tech or mobile tools as your strategy, use value to get into the worlds of your target audiences... to increase your presence in their worlds... and don't take your place in their worlds for granted. Because if you do they'll simply un-follow you on their social networks, drop you from their feed readers, opt-out of your SMS alerts and delete your apps.

One click gets your brands inside their worlds. One click gets your brands ousted from them. And as we've established, those clicks are the gateways to THEIR worlds and the path to ROI in YOURS.

Wait, there's more: For a 10-Step Starter Guide in B2B Mobile marketing (slideshow/PDF), just go here.

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