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Monday, January 11, 2010

B2B MOBILE Marketing: A 10-Step Starter Guide for Integrating Mobile Into The B2B Marketing Mix. (Slideshow/PDF)

B2B Mobile 10 Step Starter Guide (Please note: for my full archive of B2B mobile-marketing content, please go here.)

As I’m integrating more mobile marketing in my work projects, speeches and trainings, I’m finding that the *same* mindset that has been prevalent in B2B social media marketing is also occurring in B2B mobile marketing. Which is to say, mobile marketing opportunities are, by and largely, perceived by B2B marketers as "purely a B2C marketing play". 

Ah, the more times (and media!) change, the more they stay the same.

But a new year brings new opportunities and new minds to open...so, CK is back championing the B2B crusade—and this time my sights are set on B2B mobile marketing.

Picture1Why the marketing crusade? Because business professionals, which are B2Bs' target audience, not only use mobile devices to stay connected, they rely on them to stay informed and make business decisions when not located at their place of business. And phone calls are just one part, given innovations such as smartphones have morphed our mobile devices into handheld computers that also happen to ring. Plus, since business professionals must stay connected to their communications devices, many times their mobile devices equate to their "lifelines to their livelihoods." Moreover, mobile is the most personal communications channel and the closest you'll get to your business market, other than in-person meetings.

Ergo, if business professionals are always connected to their mobile phones, why wouldn't marketers want to connect their B2B brands to these devices and, vis-a-vis, connect their B2B brands to their target markets in meaningful, helpful ways? Of course they would, that's more of a rhetorical question. But the real questions from B2B marketers is WHY mobile presents a strong business case and HOW to integrate mobile into the B2B marketing mix.

Picture2 And that's exactly what I cover... step by step... in my 10-Step B2B Mobile Marketing Starter Guide.

In the guide I've set out to accomplish two goals: First, to highlight the B2B-centric opportunities in mobile marketing. And, second, to walk B2B marketers through the 10 key steps covering (A) WHAT they need to know (and what they need to ask/assess) to get started in mobile marketing, (B) HOW to approach mobile environments and audiences, (C) WHICH tools they can implement to add impact to their programs, as well as (D) key proof points to analyze WHEN measuring mobile ROI.

And contrary to much of the buzz on mobile metrics, Mobile ROI is not just analyzing number of SMS subscribers/application downloads/etc. Far from it. Mobile ROI, just like ROI from all other media and marketing programs, is the BIGGER-picture value it brings to your business. I cover that in the guide, too.

Picture4 On that note, you'll see plenty of posts, presentations, videos, speeches and articles from me throughout 2010 on B2B mobile marketing. But worry not, you'll also see a great deal more B2B social media marketing content from me, as while we've come much further on that crusade we've still much further to go. After all, as a B2B marketing specialist, I need to mine all media—be it traditional, broadcast, interactive, social or mobile—to identify revenue-generating opportunities and new ways to engage our business markets.

Anything less would put my clients and me at a disadvantage during these ever-evolving, always-in-flux, disruptive times. More to the point, I need to keep moving—and keep crusading!—my clients, colleagues and community to do the same.

Please view the slideshow below, which is best viewed in FULL-screen format as slides are text-heavy to ensure an adequate level of explanation for B2Bs starting out in mobile marketing. 

*B2B Mobile-Marketing Content* To access my full archive of mobile-marketing content, please go here.

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Mobile is the most personal communication channel. Your'e right on the money with that. In the end, it all comes down to the consumers knowledge, or lack there of, that inhibits a lot of small businesses from utilizing this great tool.

The link from marketing Profs got me here and your insight into how and what B@B shops need to be concerning themselves with is spot on. Still, it would be useful to hear more on what small businesses can do to attract and motivated their B2C customer base to the mobile space?

Hi CK - just had a chance to work through this meaty post on mobile. Pretty much looks like the definitive guide to getting started for B2B's. This should seriously be required reading for every marketer. 'Really appreciate your attention to detail; I'll keep you posted on our end!

Oh this is classic. I am going to post this information on B2B Mobile Marketing To my fan page. Great blog, particularly the para2 & conclusion you have provided on B2B Mobile Marketing. I will share this on my Twitter and FB.

Mobile marketing is becoming a competitive industry also since internet has penetrated the mobile industry.

Really great post with some great tips. I am really excited about mobile marketing as I truly feel that it is going to be as big as internet marketing is if not bigger.

With over 5 billion mobile phones worldwide the market is huge and it is still in its early stages in my opinion.

Thanks again for the 10 steps.

I'm just learning this whole mobile marketing niche.

I believe with the popularity of smart phones and the fact that Google just bought out a major ad network, their is a lot of opportunity for businesses to build name recognition and for affiliate marketers to market just about anything they want for a much more competitive price. At least for now.

Thanks for sharing

Thanks CK, for your step by step results for business. My clients in Pittsburgh are always trying to find a way to increase their ROI for thier small business marketing dollars. We create, produce and more importantly, submit thier videos to the search engines for free with any advertising they purchase from us. If there is anything I can do to help you or ideas you may have to promote both of our businesses don't hestitate to call at 724-263-8812
Thanks, Rick Hodge

P.S. I am now looking at several mobile marketing platforms and we have two clients testing now.

Thank you for the 10 step guide. Whether you are B2C or B2B, engaging your customers will always be a positive aspect in marketing. Mobile marketing will become more and more used in the future especially with great information and exposure from blogs like yours.

Excellent post. As mobile begins to see real penetration in the b2c marketplace, I think we'll see substantial growth in the b2b segment. Great tips, which I will share.

I want to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really nice post! good job .. i like it!

mobile advertising is expanding rapidly. Considering there wasn't a market five years ago, you could say it has grown more quickly than the internet in some ways.

Sounds like a great guide! These days of mobile computing, text messaging is one of the easiest ways to reach out to consumers. This is because consumers are with their phones most of the time.

I really liked presentations from Christina "CK" Kerley. Useful stuff, keep the good work!

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