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Monday, December 28, 2009

B2B Social Media Marketing Collection: A Slideshow Of 20 Helpful Posts, Presentations & Series for B2B Marketers.

ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 27 15.45 As we wrap up this year and gear-up for the next, I've compiled this nifty slideshow featuring 20 helpful B2B social media posts, presentations and series to help B2B marketers start the new year off ready to integrate social media into their marketing mix in a way that helps them transition their marketing (and their mindsets!) to the Web 2.0 environment and works to increase their rates of success within it.

Covering everything from B2B lead-generation opportunities and challenges, how these new-age media serve age-old B2B behaviors, selling B2B social media internally and overcoming the main B2B social media objections... to B2B social media case studies, social media planning checklists, Web 2.0's new marketing rules and many, many more--this is one collection that no modern-day B2B marketer should market without!

Just view the below slideshow (best viewed in FULL-screen format) or download the slides here. And should you have any B2B marketing questions, as always, just leave them in the comments below this post, ask me on twitter or drop me an email.

And now that I've talked marketing, I want to extend a HEAPING BIG Thank YOU to my colleagues, clients and the online marketing community for your smarts, support and generosity all year long. Please know that I never once take it, or each of you, for granted. As I often say, teaching people is just about the nicest (and most advancing) things we humans can do for one another... and I look forward to learning so much more from you throughout 2010.

Here's the slideshow:

*B2B Bonus* For a newly released 10-Step Starter Guide on Integrating Mobile Into the B2B Marketing Mix, just go here.

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Very nice! How long did it take you to put that slideshow together?

You put together quite a lot of information in just one slideshow for anyone interested in learning social media marketing. Great job. I look forward to your other helpful posts.

I saw a very similar slideshow at a seminar I attended for a $500 entrance fee. How I wish I just visited your website instead.

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