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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What Marketers Can Learn From The Frozen Food Aisle...

Freezerburnng Frozen food is a gamble if ever there was one. Sometimes you luck out and lunch is a 5-minute microwaveable miracle. And other times?

You kick yourself for being so easily seduced by the scrumptious images on the package… since the product inside tastes less like those pictures and far more like the cardboard box it came in.

Enter Greg Ng; the self-proclaimed “frozen food master” who publishes FreezerBurns, a show where eats his way through the frozen foods aisle one box—and one brand—at a time.The show's genius is focusing on an aspect of food reviews that, until now, has been untapped yes is ubiquitous: frozen food.  

But what does frozen food have to do with marketing? And what could these lessons have to possibly do with marketers that don't promote frozen foods? I have all those answers and much more yummy marketing goodness in my current column over at The Daily Fix

(Just go here to learn all!)


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