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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Home from "Camp"...with Video Goodies!

2469429305_2b6ca88056_2 What a wonderful set of days that I just spent in San Francisco at Sun's Startup Camp at The Moscone Center. Why was it wonderful?

'Twas wonderful because I was surrounded by 600 passionate people. Some were in the pre-launch phase, and some had just launched their new businesses. Some were BtoC focused, with others targeting the BtoB space.

Wonderful because it was demographically diverse. Some of the professionals were 20. Some were 50. And many in-between.

But it was most wonderful because they weren't focused so much on "what's profitable" as much as pushing the limits of "what's possible."

Yep, there's nothing like the limit-less thinking behind startups ;-).

While at camp I was off the blog and off twitter (sorry folks). For me, when I'm afforded the opportunity to be interfacing with so many smart, energetic professionals I'm focused on interfacing with people, vs. the tools that I use everyday to connect with them. In fact, I didn't even bring my laptop when I was on-site.

The panel that I was on covered the importance of branding, messaging and PR in launching a startup to success. I have to say this panel was so well orchestrated by S. Neil Vineberg/Vineberg Communications (his blog is here). On my panel I was in such good company with Matt Dickman/Fleishman-Hillard (and TechnoMarketer blog), Jyri Engeström/Google (also the founder of Jaiku) and Adam Metz/theMIX (his blog here).

Not only did Neil assemble a geographically diverse panel (hailing from New York, Finland, San Francisco and Cleveland), he compiled an experientially broad panel--we are marketers, PR specialists, social media professionals and technology entrepreneurs. So I got to teach some and learn a whole lot more.

And through these video segments of our panel that Neil created we can share our messages (and, yes, action points!) with many more that couldn't be in attendance. The first segment (running at 4:17) focuses on messaging and how startups really need to do their broad-based homework to hit on very quick, compelling and, hopefully, meaningful messages.

The second segment (running at a little over 5:40) focuses on branding and brand categories--and the importance of infusing personality into all your brand communications.  RSS and email subscribers, please click through to the blog to view the videos. I'll load the other video segments soon.


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Hi CK,

I'm glad Startup Camp introduced me to you and your blog. The panel you participated in gave me some of the strongest takeaways from the event. Thanks, and I'm looking forward to picking up some more.


Welcome home CK, and congrats on being part of a smart panel.

Sounds like a blast!

I wish I was there. Perhaps next year?

I look at these video very very carefully. I'm a start up, too. But in Italy there is no such a meeting that I know.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the share of these very useful links.

While the company i'm with isnt by any means a startup - our involvement in internet marketing and the social media space is very fledgling.

This media will help me present my case even better. (Me being a mere "noob" and all :)

As always, keep up the good work!


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