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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Praise for My Safe & Sexy City (thank you!)

Dear NYC Dept. of Health:

Nyc_kit_002_3 I made a promise to myself to follow-up after our "social event" to thank you, and to praise you. You see, as part of the favors for event-goers on Friday night we wanted to feature special "NYC Survival Kits" given that a whopping 75% of attendees traveled from outside the NYC metro area to attend.

The NYC bags were all sorts of fun and featured (1) the infamous "I heart NY" t-shirts (thank you to the man on the street for $2-a-pop bulk pricing!), (2) special edition NYC moleskine notebooks (graciously given by ClikitySplit), (3) hefty NYC guidebooks (given by NYC Convention & Visitors Bureau) and NYC-branded condoms.

You see, I was so proud of my city for devising this free condom program early last year that I promoted it through a post over at MarketingProfs. I even asked readers to weigh in with great taglines for the condoms (hey, we're marketers, devising nifty taglines get us, um, excited).

The message this move communicated to me was and still is this: free condoms do not promote more sex...they promote more safe sex. And I am so proud of my city for taking this step and practicing socially responsible marketing.

What's more? I was amazed that when I asked you via email for hundreds of free condoms, not only did you not judge my excessive request, you got back to me within 4 hours (wowsa!) and asked me to simply call for an appointment to pick them up.

(Maybe you could work on the DMV's attitude while you're at it?)

It has long been known that NYC is the safest large city (insofar as crime rates), but I'm happy to say that, due to your efforts, it might just be the safest large city for sex, too. And while I won't cite the woman's name that helped me here (she might not like that), I will be calling her supervisor to sing her praises. Moreover, it needs to be known that while people rag on city agencies for being slow and apathetic, she was expeditious, kind and even excited that people from so many states and countries might get an official New York City condom.

You make me proud to be a citizen of this safe city. For real. And should you ever need a tagline for your campaign...free ideas are located here and here.

- CK

PS: Yes, that it what 500 NYC-branded condoms looked like on my apartment floor before I stuffed them into the goodie bags. (OK, so I only stuffed 480 into the goodie bags. I figured I might as well save some, a girl's gotta be safe ;-)


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All that fine "swag", and all you guys just having too much fun - makes me wish i had been there.

Unf. a 3 month old kid and an underpaying job made sure that all events are off this year :(

Next year though you can be i'll be there- and by then i will actually be a blogger too :)

Congrats on organizing such a marvelous event!

keep up the good work!


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