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Friday, March 28, 2008

To sleep...perchance to dream of all things Social

Sleepingbeauty3Dear Reader or Dear Recipient of this URL in a response to the email you so graciously sent me:

Hi! As I'm letting all my clients, colleagues, friends and dear family know--I'm going to be rather consumed over the next 10 days. I've done my best to warn all of this "CK quiet period" for 2 months now (a period that is not at all quiet for me), but I just want to give you a nice little metaphor. Because I value you. And because as marketers we know how much a metaphor can drive the point home and help it take shape. It's that "aha!" factor enabling our audiences to really grasp, fully understand and run with an idea.

So, on that note, for the next 10 days--with the exception of the 80+ rockin' folks who are coming to NYC from 8 countries and 20 U.S. states--I am like sleeping beauty.

Asleep am I.

Being at slumber, I won't be getting back to emails, voicemails or even snailmails like I regularly do. Nowhere near. Why? Because I am unable to do so in my sleep.

Instead I'm dreaming of netherworlds brimming with wonderful, smart, fun and rockin' people from near and very, very far...who need for me to do several things for them so that I can make good on my commitment.

Because even while I sleep a promise remains a promise.

While ironic indeed that I'll be working most of my "vacation," you want to know what's even more so? That between Friday night's party until 4am, Saturday night's event until 2am...and the just added (!) Social "After Party" until 4am...and all the tasks before Social even gets started...I actually will not be getting much sleep at all. (full schedule here)

And that's just as it should be ;-).

But I promise that I'll wake up and get back to work, regular programming, and life around April 9th,as Ck_whale2_2 NYC plays host to many Socialites until then. I will post here one more time but, otherwise, I thank you for your patience.

Because this Socialite so very much needs her beauty sleep. (yawn)

Note: Have no idea what I'm talking about? Best for you to go right here then!

Socialites: We've sent you plenty to read and it should cover everything...a TON of info on schedules, bios, FAQs and more is all at the Blogger Social site. We'll be sending one last mailing but if I'm hard to reach please just know that I am running around with all our other volunteers getting things just perfect for you. Oh the magic we have planned!

PS: Yes, sleeping beauty is my favorite of the "girly" fairytale figures. I always thought she rocked so much more than Cinderella and that silly pumpkin--what would Social be if I turned into a pumpkin at the early hour of midnight? Sheesh.


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