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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Proud of you crazy kids, all 80+ of you

Collage_march_2 Proud to boast about the brainy, generous marketing bloggers who will be attending Blogger Social in less than 30 days. And a great lookin' bunch, to boot. To be sure, this event nets zero financial returns, but Drew and I--and the dedicated bunch of folks who have also put in many hours planning the event and creating promotional materials--already know how rewarding the experience will be.

Because it already has given us so much joy to breathe life into this amazing event that celebrates this stellar community. Yippie.

Who's attending the BIG event? We have "Socialites" (marketing bloggers) traveling from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, East Coast, MidWest, West Coast, Down South and Up North...and many more places all over this big--but getting smaller!--world.

All told, we hail from 8 countries and 20 U.S. States (just click on the above graphic to view it at full size, or right click and save to feature it on your own blog).

Also, in the video below you can catch a glimpse of everyone...links to all the blogs of our Socialites available here. Get excited and we'll see you in the "City of Blinding Lights" in LESS than 30 days! (Big thanks to Mark Goren for creating the collage and video)


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Sending smiles to all .. especially to Mark. Thanks for taking the time to create another special video. I can't imagine what the post BS video will be like ;-)

It's certainly important to give credit where credit is due. This actually reminds me of the whole writers strike in America that just ended recently. I wonder if the time will come for bloggers to stage their own strike organizations as well. Will the world of blogging be significant enough to garner worldwide attention?

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