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Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's here! It's here! Blogger Social is (finally!) here. Yippie times infinity. And then some.

Ck_social08b_2 It's here. Really and truly here. It is officially the week of Blogger Social. Yippie (!) times infinity.

Amazing to think that an idea launched to the community on June 1st, 2007 is actually here. And that over 80 marketers--who just happen to also blog--spanning 8 countries and 20 states will be converging on New York City for one simple, but altogether powerful reason: to get to spend some much-needed social time together. Yup, that's what Blogger Social is about--and that little difference makes all the difference in the world.

Note to outside world: Blogger Social is NOT a conference, trade show or seminar. Nor is it a summit or workshop. It's a Social...and we're really taking that seriously. (But that's about the only 'serious' part of Social.)

Note to ALL attendees: In fact, we're taking the "social" part of Social so seriously that we've added yet ANOTHER event. I mean, what's a Social without a Social After Party? Please forgive us our momentary lapse in judgment, but all is right now ;-). Worry not, we'll have the details for you when you get here and the After Party runs directly after the Saturday party ends from 2am until 4am on Saturday night (um, Sunday morning?) at a place that is ultra convenient to our Saturday night event.

Action point to all attendees: Do rest up this week. Really. Sleep is not particularly Social or in plentiful supply this weekend. But just look at all the great-lookin', smart, fun and also sleep-deprived people you'll be socializing with.

Collage_march_5_low_3 I'm going to include links to a lot of "stuff" on Social here but, rest-assured, all these goodies can be found at the official Blogger Social site:

  • For full Event Guide (8 pages): go here
  • For an OVERVIEW of events (1 page only!): download here
  • For FAQs go here
  • To see Attendees here
  • For Photo Fun: go here
  • For a full packet of attendee profiles and another series profiling attendees: go here
  • For an OVERVIEW (2 pages only!)of attendees by name, location and blog URLs: download here
  • Press go here
  • Press release (PDF format) can be accessed here
  • To learn about the Meetups that you can attend in-between the 3 official events go here
  • To join the Blogger Social Twitter Group: sign-up to follow right here
  • To view an event map of where all we'll be just go right here
  • For a full map of where everyone is coming from go here

I'm going to end on this video (RSS and email subscribers, click through to the blog to view). Otherwise, see you at Social...this weekend!


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Holy hell, I can't believe it's coming up so quick! Can't wait to see you again!

Woo! I can't wait! First it seemed like it was taking forever, now it's just a few days!

It'll be a blast to meet you all!

Have a great time, and give everyone a hug from me. You guys all rock, and I hope to be at the next one!

CK ... thanks for all your work, cleverness and good humour. We all had a great time thanks to you and Drew. And we miss you already!

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Am sure ill also learn by following your style of writing. A powerful woman here.

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