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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Get to know them...BEFORE you get to know them better (yes, there will be a quiz)

Bs08_profiles_cover_small_4 I think it's safe to assume that, being we're 10 9 days away from the BIG Event, this blog is going to turn into a bit of (or a lot of) a Blogger Social blog for a while.

Folks, there's just too much to share and only so much time between my client work and the many and myriad items I need to communicate given that over 80 marketing bloggers--from 8 countries and 20 U.S. States--are converging in one place for one very special reason: getting to know one another better.

So bear with me for a little bit while we gear-up for (and come down from) Blogger Social. Then this will turn back into a marketing blog.

(Well, until the next BIG idea ;-)

And speaking of sharing, this one's a WHOPPER: Check out the amazing packet of Profiles, an effort spearheaded by Arun Rajagopal along with Shankar T., Tim Brunelle, Gavin Heaton, Marianne Richmond and Toby Bloomberg who clocked some serious hours creating, compiling, designing, organizing and finalizing a wealth of information. All for your reading enjoyment. Fact is, you don't even need to be attending to enjoy this piece since it profiles many of the marketers behind the blogs you read...or may not know of yet. Again, just go right here.

What's that you say? With all this information you'd think we were going to give you a quiz or something? Well of course we are, silly.  Hop on over and start playing "Name that Socialite" right here!

PS: BIG thanks also to Luc Debaisieux for creating that graphic up there that truly reflects the gravity of this piece.


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These folks are incredible. I am so completely humbled by their efforts and enthusiasm that I scarcely know how to express my gratitude.

Insanely jealous that I can't be there, when I'm so close speaking on the east coast in Boston the very same weekend, sigh.

Thanks for putting together these profiles though, it helps me 'virtually' shake-hands for future meet-ups...maybe the West coast next round?
Best, Amy

@CK - the attention to the behind the scene details are .. well amazing!
@Amy - wish you were going too. would love to chat over a beverage or 2 about the exciting work you're doing.

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