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Friday, February 29, 2008

Official Guide-o-Fun Unveiled: Yes, it's "official" and yep, it's tons o' fun!

Bscoveshrunkedit2 Regular marketing posts will resume shortly...but for now, I'm pleased to unveil the Official Blogger Social '08 Event Guide.

Zoinks! WoWsA! Yippie!

Jam packed with events on land, at sea and in Times Square, our events span gatherings that are elegant, elaborate and downright fun--along with ways to make your own meetups, contribute to the official Photolog...and even some specialty drinks for our special occasion.

Yup, everything you need to know about everything that 80+ marketing bloggers--hailing from 8 countries and 20 U.S. States--will be doing during our oh-so-social weekend can be downloaded (PDF) right here.

Again, download your Event Guide right here.

What's that you say? You have many questions? No problem! We have an entire packet dedicated to answering them...and that PDF is located right here.

So if you want to get excited for Social: go here to read the Official Event Guide.

Ck_and_drew2 And if you're in need of answers to your questions: go here to review a host of FAQs.

See you at Social in 34 DAYS!

PS: We'll shortly have a packet for you that focuses on the event's attendees, so you can get to know a little about them...before you actually get to know them. Hold tight, that information is coming. For now, we've given you plenty to read! (And you can check out the attendee list here.)

PPS: Want to see lots of funny pictures? Just go here.

Shouts: The Event Guide and FAQs would be nowhere near possible without the generous, heaping help of: Ryan Karpeles, Luc Debaisieux, Lori Magno, Gavin Heaton, Doug Meacham, Cam Beck and, of course, my event dance partner Drew McLellan. And gratitude to Mike Sansone for helping to keep the blogger-social.com site so spiffy. I cannot thank these fine people enough (and thanks to Red for that snazzy picture of Drew and me "Dancing like the Stars!")



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