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Monday, January 21, 2008

For a "WHALE!" of a time you best be registered by 02.15.08...or this ship sails without ya.

Ck_whale2_3One last reminder that if you want to be at the one-of-a-kind, only truly all-"social" event for marketing bloggers happening on April 4th-5th in New York City...you need to be registered by 02.15.08 (and you need to be paid by that time, too).

While some very smart bloggers have asked, "Why does registration end so early? Don't you know that LeWeb 3 in Paris allowed people to register until the last minute?" I say: Thank you for comparing this oh-so-humble event to bigger events but that is like comparing Moby Dick to a very determined guppy (we would be the guppy). This 0% profit event runs 100% on community funds (0% corporate sponsorships) and requires that we secure hard-to-book venues that require headcounts (or else we lose the venues and our deposits).

You can do the full weekend for $350 or the "Saturday night special" for $200. All information is here. That said, this event--which is actually 3 events over a weekend--is planning festivities both on land at at sea. Yeah, it's all sorts of cool.

And speaking of cool, so far we have marketers from Australia, Europe, the U.K., the MidEast, Mexico, Canada and every U.S. timezone, so why not you? To be sure, as with Jaws, so too with Blogger Social...we're gonna need a bigger boat.

Wanna "see" whom all will be there? Well if you haven't seen it before, here's the official video, with more faces to be added soon. Yep, it's all sorts of cool too, as that's how we marketing bloggers roll.


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Sounds convincing. I'm thinking this is a "can't-miss" event.

Counting the days to social media over night camp!

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