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Friday, January 04, 2008

Apparently, there will be debauchery and human bonding. (Um, how fast can I sign-up for this shindig?)

Untitled3nc5_2 You smart and fetching marketing bloggers write the darndest things about, well, everything. That's part of what makes this conversation so rich. But when it comes to Blogger Socials, you just can't make this stuff up.

Take these snippets from today:

"I almost can't believe I haven't blogged about Blogger Social '08 yet.  In 90 days (to the day), marketing bloggers from around the globe will descend upon Manhattan for a weekend of rabble rousing, drinking and debauchery (at least, that's how the event was pitched to me) -- will you be there?" (Greg Verdino)

"Blogger Social - where bloggers are getting social WITHOUT the pretense of bogus conferencing, ideation or nonsense. Simple human bonding. New York City. Awesome." (Lori Magno)

"Talking about good news, the countdown has begun for the much awaited event of the year - Blogger Social 2008 from 4 April to 6 April at New York." (Arun Rajagopal)

"A WILD gathering of some of the brightest and most personable individuals you'll ever meet in one swash-buckling weekend!" (Mario Vellandi)

"Australia, Oman, Italy, England, Belgium, Canada, USA... many countries will be represented, making the event a rich and unique human experience." (Mindblob/Luc)

"But now, thanks to a monumental effort from the Blogger Social Organising Committee, the dream is close to being a reality." (Gavin Heaton)

Hey, if you folks are as good as your reviews, next year we're going to Big Screen. What? You think I'm not serious?

For all information please go here (and go there by 02.15.08) and here's our cool video again (cuz it's filled with such cool people). RSS/email subs, you know the drill...click through to the blog to view the piece ;-). See ya at Social.


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You mean...talk?

I'm in and can't wait!

See ya'll there :-)


You are so funny!!!!

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