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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

See you at Social (psst: please register by Nov. 15th)

Bs08button3_2 Origin of the fabulous idea is right here.

Idea became a full-throttle (and quite fetching!) Web site here.

Just a reminder that we need registrations for Blogger Social '08 by Thursday, November 15th.

I am directing you fine folks over there since we created a site to keep it streamlined. So information aplenty, survey results, registration system and FAQs are available for your viewing pleasure at: www.Blogger-Social.com.

Also, several people have inquired that they can only come in for the BIG event on Saturday night (vs. the entire weekend) and there is information on that right here, too. Oh...and we have marketers coming in from as far as Australia, Europe and Canada so it shall be an international affair. See you at social ;-).