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Friday, October 12, 2007

This is the best that the best city on earth could come up with?

Doh_2 I'm very let down with the new NYC campaign (the spot is below, RSS readers go here). I don't understand what "This is New York City" is supposed to convey. I certainly understand what "The city that never sleeps," "The Big Apple," and "The city at the center of the world," communicate.

But "This is New York City" doesn't say anything. In Spanish it translates to "Welcome to New York."

It's a platform that's blah, blech and boring.

And NYC is none of those things.

You know what's great about this city? Where to start...the energy, history, culture, savvy, vibrancy and diversity...just to name a few attributes.

And these are all very real.

Yet, as you can see in the spot, the tourism bureau has animated it so it looks like a theme park (a really bad theme park at that). They put wings on the Chrysler building (wtf, is it supposed to be Big Bird?) and Lady Liberty looks like a big dork waving at you. Lady Liberty is majestic, not a moron. I'm not sure what to make of that bobblehead Yankees pitcher. Yeah, let's give the Red Sox another reason to laugh at us.

At least when tourists come to the city they can say "It''s even better than in the ad!"

And you don't hear that a lot.

To think of all the advertising brilliance this city boasts and comes out with this.

So if you're ever wondering what $30 million dollars will get you in NYC, now you know.

Sorry world, as a New Yorker I take the mediocrity to heart (another thing about this city is just how much heart it has...which is why the "I HEART NY" slogan will always convey NYC). Come visit this great city I call home and you won't be let down ;-).


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CK, I totally agree!

This is the best that the city that is the home of Madison avenue can do?

I am trying to figure out what the strategy here was...

@Adam: I just can't wrap my head around it. I understand they're targeting families with this particular spot but it's just so silly. Like it's trying to compete with DisneyWorld, maybe? DisneyWorld is amazing becuz of the fantasy, but NYC is great for the diversity, the energy and the city's unparalleled pulse. Why not build upon the "pulse" with the well-known "I heart NY"?

And "This is New York City" says absolutely nothing. Why not feature a diversity of people against various landmarks and cultures saying a great tagline or extolling the city's myriad attributes? They could have gotten a crowd at Yankee Stadium to scream all at the same time...and all the Broadway talent singing it in unison. Anything better than this mockery. Sorry, since I live here I take this one to heart cuz it makes us look bad ;-(.

it really does make us look bad. Perhaps someone on the brand team thought, "let's go minimalist" which I have no problem with, but that line "This is New York" is outright thin and completely devoid of anything that this city is about.

I would have preferred "New York Rocks"

...ok, maybe not that :)

@Adam: Minimalist is great...so long as it focuses us on something meaningful. "This is NYC" is like a road sign--and translates poorly in other languages (as I understand this is the city's first global campaign...so why not check translation?).

You hit it on the head, it's "devoid" of what this great city is about.

...I love new york...was cool....dunno...this new theme....is just so blunt and does not say anything abt this great city...

there is so much to tell...and they just say...this is new york city.....

CK can i add ur blog and can u my blog.....urs is interesting...u can see mine.... too

OMG that campaign sucks!

Defiling the beautiful Chrysler Building and our Statue of Liberty. And where does that stupid yellow choo choo run?

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in the meeting where that campaign was approved. Sheesh!

Mayor Bloomberg - use some of your money to hire me and CK to make you a real campaign about New York.

I am willing to bet my fortune (har!) that New Yorkers did not create that campaign. It has to have been done by Martians undergoing some space illness.

Oy vey!

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