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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Social media made easy (well, a little bit easier)

Ck_poweredby_postcopy_4 In attending an event this week I promised attendees that I would feature a post to point them to some of the information we discussed.

While social media is certainly not new to everyone...newsflash!...it's new to most people and professionals. My regular readers might have already seen this information, but, in the case you haven't, well then it's new to you.

Here are some of my posts centering on best practices and the core principles of social media:

  • Don't pass the "Web 2.0 Go" without a guide. Learn why a guide for social media is essential right here.
  • What's that you say? Learn the value of listening to social media conversations--and what you should be listening for--right here (psst: not every company needs to blog, but every company needs to be listening).
  • It's about share. Learn why, through a riddle, this environment is most aptly called "The Share Economy" right here.
  • Bad can be good. Learn why engaging your critics and leveraging their feedback is the best move, right here.
  • Why blog? Find out the myriad value that marketing professionals receive through blogging in this unique collage right here (PDF version), or go here for the rich media version (that graphic on the below right is a snapshot of the piece).
  • No, really...why blog? An interview with me by Folio Magazine focusing on "Why Blog?" is right here.
  • One must modernize (or face irrelevance). In using the British monarchy as a metaphor for social media...find out why it's important to modernize, and why it's critical to reach out to your constituents (if you want them to like you) right here.
  • Please follow the rules. Looking to pitch products, services and stories to bloggers? Go forth with caution and care--as consumer and business bloggers are very savvy!--best to first read my rules right here.
  • Hard because it's simple. Learn why social media is "hard because it's simple" right here.
  • Your blog has a mantra? Yep, it's right here.

Here are some books focusing on social media you might find worth your while:

Some blogs covering a variety of marketing topics you might find helpful:If you scroll down the left-hand column of my blog you'll find a section labeled "Best Blogs" where you can be pointed to various marketing blogs covering a wealth of information.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments or, if you're social-media shy, you can always email me right here. Enjoy this new, improved Web 2.0 World. Yes, it really is better than the old world and holds a bevy of opportunities for marketers and businesses (and just plain ol' people).


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Thanks for the link, and particularly for the reference to Age of Conversation, which I was unaware of. You continue to write one of the most intelligent social media blogs on the 'net!

Great post, CK. We really need to be out there educating folks social media, and this a great catch all post. I would love to have you rerun this on the Buzz Bin if you would be amenable...


Paul -- sorry we missed each other at the PRSA bloggers dinner. The Age of Conversation is indeed a fabulous social media reference.

Geoff -- I'm quoting you tomorrow ;-)

CK -- looks like I'm playing host here. They say it takes about three to seven times for something (or someone) to connect and Paul and I had already crossed paths twice. With you, my dear, I would spend entire posts like this one. I hope people come over as I linked you today in my ROI post -- this would be perfect to find.

Bravo CK. A great article that will be very useful to point people to who want to understand Social Media in 12 minutes or less. Thanks for creating this!

Ditto the previous comments. Bravo!

this is a great way to make more people know about how social media works. Thanks for compiling it all in one page! At least it will be easier to find.:)

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