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Friday, September 07, 2007

Monkeys, martinis and how males are different from females

Dsc01086_2 I had the pleasure of meeting up with Greg Verdino, David Berkowitz and Curious George last night. You see, in promoting the Age of Conversation book, Steve Woodruff dreamed up a mascot (that's where George comes in) and a worldwide tour.

According to Steve, "A short while back, I contacted the 103 authors of the Age of Conversation book about the possibility of a worldwide tour, by a famous figure. The goal is for this mascot to visit every one of the authors on their “home turf,” completing a global circuit within one year’s time or less."

Why meet over martinis? Well, in the course of the "tour," Greg Verdino needed to hand-off George to me and then I needed to give him to David Berkowitz. Instead of mailing him around New York we figured...why not1338628947_5c59dfa930_m_2 make a party out of it? And George was game.

Whatever did we do? Took pics with George, drank dirty martinis at one of my favorite vodka rooms, discussed marketing, life, upcoming weddings (congrats David!), took more pics with George, discussed the Age of Conversation book, chatted God and drank more martinis.

What's a monkey meetup without wild NYC wildlife stories? Being that George is a monkey, we shared our own wild stories of NYC wildlife:

  • About 8 years ago, while walking home from work, a very large owl, perched atop a 35-story building, fell to its demise--all but one foot in front of me. It nearly scared me to death and I'm like, "What is that majestic creature doing in NYC?!" Apparently, owls are more common than you think and live above large buildings. Then, in the natural course of events, they die and fall. Sad, but true.
  • David Berkowitz had a real occurrence with a real monkey. Yep, he was scratched across the cheek by one while minding his own business just walking through NYC streets (the monkey was sitting on his owner's shoulder, then reached out and swatted David). As city dwellers, we do expect to get bumped and bruised by people running into us, but not by monkeys.
  • Greg had a pigeon poop on him (Greg: please get a better story soon, k?).

1338630501_36087088f0_m Why wasn't David Reich at the party? Unfortunately fellow New Yorker David Reich--whom George is being handed-off to next--couldn't join us as he was at an event where he was saving his town from evil politicians. Denzel Washington, whom is also from David's town, was scheduled to make an appearance. David, having given it some thought I concur Denzel is a supreme weapon to rid the land of evil politicians...so please send him to D.C. next.

And finally, how, praytel, are males different than females? Well, besides the obvious, females take a lot of pics in order to post a FEW good ones...males, curious as it is, take a lot of pics and then upload EVERY single one of them to their Flickr accounts.  Um, thanks guys ;-).

1339507352_e0d89a94dc_m BIG thanks: I want to thank Steve Woodruff for giving us this great promotion. And I want to once again thank Gavin Heaton and Drew McLellan for spearheading the Age of Conversation book. It's a great read, written by 103 "in the know" marketers with all proceeds going to charity.

So buy the book and then I'll buy you a (dirty) martini, too.

Pics: At the very top we have George and his drink of choice, followed by David and me, then Greg and me and the last shot, which is my fave, of David drinking with George.


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Thanks for not mentioning that an 8-inch stuffed monkey can drink me under the table.

Well, hey CK, at least you look pretty darn good in all the pictures. Even I'm scared of the "me" that shows up in David's shots.

And for the record, the pooping pidgeon is my best NYC story but don't get me started on Long Island animal encounters - a squirrel once ate pretty much every hose and belt in my truck engine and then DIED in there (well, um, at least that's what happened when I started my truck and that little bastard was still in there chewing away.) :-)


What a fun way to party with George! What martini did George drink?
Speaking of partying in Manhattan are we still on for a happy happy CK hour when I come to your fair city in 2-weeks?

Looks like a fun time, guys...!

Greg's NYC animal story is only marginally better than my suburban animal story: Once a chipmunk got trapped in my dryer hose. I heard him scratching. I let him out. That's the whole story.

CK, way cool! And what fun! George probablyu needed dark shades after that party... Very exciting to note that George's AoC book is making it, too. [I enjoyed creating that!]

So true. So, so true. I do the same thing and my female friends hate me for it.

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