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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks for spreading the word you (social!) bloggers

Bs08nyc_3_2 A BIG note of thanks to all you (social!) bloggers who've been promoting Blogger Social '08. I guess all of these Webby, word-of-mouth technologies work after all, eh?

Funny that the event is not until next year and yet I've already met new people who have reached out after finding out about the social. So I guess I'm getting social before the social...wait, is that allowed? I'll check the rules.

OK, just checked the rules and, um, since there aren't any rules, it's allowed (and encouraged!). After all, the whole point of Blogger Social is to meet new people with like interests or finally meet the people we've been sharing all this interesting stuff with--that's why we say "It's not about social media, it's about being social!"

Ck_bookclub_segment1_penguins2_2 From the sign-ups and notes we've been receiving we'll have marketing bloggers from all over the U.S., Europe and Australia attending. I'm hoping for all continents to be represented since marketing bloggers are world-wide. And yes, that includes Antarctica. If penguins from Antarctica blog about marketing then they are more than welcome (if not, they've sworn to revolt).

Thanks be going to Luc, David, Phil, Gavin, Drew, Cam, Matt, Greg, C.B., Mike, Steve, Kris Lori, Becky, Mark, Gianandrea and Lewis for already promoting the event. If I left anyone out that's promoted the event, please do drop me a note (and, like the penguins, accept my apologies for being a bad blogger).

PS: Thanks to Luc for the snappy graphic up there, that background shot of all those tall buildings was taken in Times Square when he visited NYC back in May.

PPS: If you need to know what I'm talking about when I say "Blogger Social '08," please just go here and definitely register by November 15th. Please do continue to spread the word (and to the penguins, please stop sending me mean emails).


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damnit! I suck. Need to promote. Miss you CK!

@Paul: Can't wait to show you NYC...I'm counting on you to be my late-night party partner ;-). Rest up!

CK -- Thank you for all of your effort on this. Can't wait!


Great work! Looking forward to more information.

This is great, CK! Thanks for the shout-out, too. :-)

Oh, what fun we will have! I hope NYC will be ready for us all.

Glad to share the news about this great event. I'm not sure if I can attend or not yet. I sure hope to, as it looks like the party of the year!

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