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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Technical difficulties (I'm so ashamed)

Please_stand_by_4 We're having technical difficulties launching Blogger Social. No, we didn't forget it's the 15th and we owe you news.

Actually, it ain't "technically" us. It's our software provider.

The irony is that the site looks great, the tone, energy...punchy copy...cute little "cork" favicon...oh-so-fun FAQs, intuitive registration and, well, all sorts of special stuff await (and are all set).

But await you must.

Because we need to clear one idiosyncrasy.

Then do a couple quick usability checks.

What, you think we'd launch without testing?

And then we'll air.

I'm not just saying this--because I played but one-fifth a role in pushing this idea forward and now I owe my first AND second born to Drew, Cam, Luc and Mike--but it was a good bit of work to get going. We're so proud and tickled by it.

And I can't wait to unveil it and then everyone can be like "ooh", "aaaah", "CK you forgot this," "Fun!", "Um, CK you forgot this, too" and so on. 

Yep, it will be special.

But bear with us a little more, k?

In the meantime, you can beat up on me in the comments until we air and then I'll be under all this nail-biting, crazy pressure and sweatin' over it alongside my work deadlines. And my friends will be like "What's wrong, buttercup?" and I'll have to disclose that "I am cloaked in shame as I let the blogosphere down."

And they'll once again ask, "What's a blogopshere?"

But all the sweat will be worth it because ever so shortly we'll knock your socks off.

Drew, Cam, Luc, Mike: I've been thinking about this first and second born stuff, can I get you each a fluffy puppy and we'll call it even?


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Sweets, do not fear the blogsphere - we love you. We shall be patient and think happy supportive thoughts (for up to 48 hours...tee hee) Can't wait to register! xoxox

@Magno: I am deserving of shame, you needn't give me 48hrs. But I'll always remember you did.

CK - You've already sent cookies... I think you're good for awhile. ;)

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