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Monday, August 20, 2007

Blogger Social '08: Open for bizness, baby!

Bs08button3 As promised, all information--and official unveiling!--of Blogger Social '08 has launched. Yep, a spankin' new blog, survey results, registration system and FAQs are available for your viewing pleasure right here.

Will you do 3 things for me?

(1) Will you hop on over to Blogger-Social.com and go for a spin?
(2) Will you tell other bloggers...who blog marketing...about the event?
(3) Will you register by/before November 15th?

I know, I give a lot of action points :-). But it's only so we can have our special, social weekend. Oh, funny thing about the event's locale--"funny" being that Drew and I both voted for "Vegas" in "February"...but NYC in April it is (all survey results are over at the Blogger Social blog).

If you have no idea what Blogger Social is you can find out all here or, for my first post on this just go here.

PS: Yes, I have closed comments to this post. Why would I do such a thing? So that everyone gets in the habit of commenting about the social at our official Blogger Social blog silly :-). We put a lot of love into it and it's kind of lonely right now.

Shouts: Incredible thanks to Drew, Cam, Mike and Luc. There would be no site, no artwork and no registration without them...and there will be no Blogger Social without YOU.