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Monday, July 30, 2007

Yes folks, groovy details are on the way (Blogger Social '08)

Bs08August is nipping at our heels and that means we owe you a BIG update on a BIG event. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, the original post is here. All survey results, where, when, registration and other stuff will air on August 15th.

Why August 15th? Because there are actually many logistics, a new website and registration techie thingies that we have to do...so that it's done right.

So check back here, at Drew's or Cam's place on August 15th (and many other blogs will promote the information). Rest-assured, it's going to be special. The bad news? The event isn't until next year.

Oh, you need something to do between now and then? Here's a fab idea: read the amazing new read that is the Age of Conversation.

PS: Big...like BIG!...thanks be going to Cam Beck. Drew and I knew what we were getting into but bless Cam, I just emailed him for a "simple favor"...and wound up giving him so much to do. And Drew McLellan is the best partner in social crime ever. That said, you all rock and everyone who signed-up to volunteer (on the survey we held) will most definitely be pivotal in pulling-off this event.

PPS: Yes, you really have to wait a couple weeks and yes it really will be groovy.


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I will think about you and this brave posse of bloggers from a vineyard in Burgundy. And of course, if not too drunk after a massive wine tasting, I'll be glad to register. Take care.

G- that's one of the best comments ever!

CK- Looking forward to the news. It's exciting.

Tim, I need a vacation.....

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