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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Call for questions for my call with Jaffe

MegaphoneHaving been one mouthy marketer on the Nikon blogger outreach program, Joseph Jaffe has asked me to join him in a discussion next Friday on his famed podcast, Across The Sound. Tangerine Toad will also be in on the chat.

So a new media guru who has authored books and developed a cool agency, a tell-it-like-it-is toad whose producing some thought-provoking thought leadership and a mouthy marketer who keeps giving us "advancing" action points (like listen! share! create value!).

Yeah, that'll fill up an hour.

We're all really looking forward to discussing our unique views on this program as some of us really like the promotion...and some of us really don't. No matter, what's important is that we're all big enough men, women and amphibians to have the discussion (why it's the conversation age, don't ya know :-).


That makes me happy. But you wanna know what makes me really happy? Getting what I want.

(No, a camera ain't what I want.)

What I want is to include the community. After all, this discussion has been community-wide. Jaffe has been very supportive of my request (thanks!). So...if you have a question or a point that you would like us to weigh in on regarding the program, please include it in the comments and we'll do our best to address it (and of course we'll credit and thank you ;-).

PS: Oh, there is most definitely one thing that Toad, Jaffe and I all agree on--Jaffe's beautiful new baby boy totally rocks. I don't think he'll be weighing-in but, being he's a little Jaffe, he might just add his two cents, too.


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I would ask him two questions. What is the greatest camera of all time? And, two, how come Paul didn't get one, too? :)

My question: Would Crayon recommend that one of their clients adopt a blogger outreach program similar to Nikon's? (Assuming, of course, that Crayon has an opinion on this sort of thing.) Under what conditions would be yes...? Under what conditions no...?

CK - Looking forward to hearing that conversation!

Like it or not brand marketers realize that bloggers can bring reach and awareness to a campaign. Like it or not bloggers want cool content not to mention it's some what of an ego deal to be acknowledged by a major brand as an 'influencer.' That said, BR programs are not going away. (What they are doing is blurring the pay-for-post lines. Bloggers I know who would never take hard cash for a post have accepted expensive products.)

Taking that into consideration here are a couple of questions for your discussion -
How can we/should we develop industry standards/best practices to ensure the integrity of conducting BR programs?
What would an excellent BRP look like?
What could Nikon have it done better?
Let's get into some granular backend stuff .. what defines and how do you identify the 'influencers' appropriate within a segment?

In true bloggy transparency I'm working with a couple of clients building BRPs so am very much looking forward to this discussion. Oh and I have accepted free biz books. The authors understand I may or may not post; I don't review I ask for interviews.

Crayon got some nice PR with its launch of its Second Life offices. Given that the SL audience is so spread out in that virtual world and has a fairly small percentage of regular users, can it be used for anything more than PR value? And now that the PR value is wearing off given how saturated coverage was earlier this year, does that even merit an investment? While Second Life is a great case study in this curve, it also can apply to a lot of emerging marketing opportunities out there.

How credible do you think the average reader will find a blogger's posts about the camera, when they know it's been given/loaned to them? Especially if the posts are on a blog that normally doesn't talk about cameras or photography, but marketing and the web? I have found a couple of the bloggers in the camera program have gone way overboard in plugging the camera, which has totally blown their credibility in my eyes.

Busy preparing part 1 of our 2-part conversation with Tangerine Toad, yourself and myself.

Thanks to all for your questions. We get to them (barely) in part 2....

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