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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The world gets smaller (mindblob, me & NYC)

Ck_luc_takenycNYC really is the city of dreams. Some dreams are inspired here, others are imported here. And speaking of imports: last Saturday, one of my dearest blogger friends--Luc Debaisieux from "Mindblob" blog--hopped a jet from Belgium and showed up to surprise me as part of the "momma tree" dedication.

Was I surprised? I was in flat-out shock. My hands flew to my face and I was gasping like I won the darn lottery and I kept turning in circles. I remember saying "are you in town on business?"..."are you here for vacation?" I couldn't comprehend that he came in for me. I just couldn't process it. Heck I'm still processing it.

Folks, he hopped a flight (16 hours round trip in 3 days!), missed work and went a weekend without seeing his beautiful family to be able to meet me along with Drew, David, Valeria and Lewis.

The thing is, one of my blogger dream meetups came true. (But I'll get to that in a minute.)

After I stopped screaming when I first saw him and was semi out of shock I asked him, "So how many times have you been to NYC?" Luc has lived in the U.S. before...but he never spent time in New York. And he was leaving the next day as he could only come in for a quick stop. So after lunch I went into tourist-guide-on-steroids mode...

We saw Rockefeller Center and I showed him the art deco of the period (and where they covered-up Diego Rivera's artwork those darn capitalists!), St. Patrick's Cathedral, Bryant Park, The NYC Library, Madison Square Garden, The Old Post Office, Times Square, Hell's Kitchen area, Columbus Circle, one of my favorite sushi restaurants (yum) and one of my favorite Russian Vodka Rooms (yum x 2).

And we did all that in about 8 or 9 hours.

Funny thing, even though we took a lot in, it wasn't at all like we were rushed--and it was like we were such good friends. Why? Because we ARE such good friends. We've been reading each other's blogs and corresponding for about a year. He's not only a thoughtful, thought-provoking marketer and creative professional...Luc can "see" and identify things that would otherwise miss my radar entirely.

I'm so much better getting to see the world through his eyes. (And so many of your eyes, too.)

Luc is just as dashingly handsome, genuine and brilliant as he is on his blog. And his mother really loved the post I wrote on momma--and you know how happy that made me (Mack's mom also loved it!).

Ru_talkin_to_meLuc explained he made the decision to meet me a reality. And that's all it took. Decisions and realities are actually a lot easier than we make them out to be. Who'd a thunk it? Told you I learn a lot through his eyes. The lesson the blogosphere taught me? It's a small world. The lesson Luc's visit taught me? We need to start acting like it.

Luc, you totally friggin' rock the world for all the lessons you've taught me--but you kick some serious butt for getting yours over here. Thanks for making one of my dreams come true.

PS: Kris and Philippe, being that you both live in Brussels, how weird is it that I've met Luc but you guys haven't? Yeah, it's just wrong. Please consider this a formal invitation (action point?) for you guys to do a coffee (or martini) hour over the next month. And Kris is coming to NYC in July, so Philippe better get with the program and visit soon ;-).


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Hi Luc, nice to meet you :)

I already added mindblob to my live.com page

CK: Luc in May, Kris in July. If we want to keep this pace, I should try to visit NY in september.

'The Belgian Connection' needs some more connecting, we'll get on it ;)

- Kris

Yes, by all means, I have met other Belgians as well. And in my next trip to Europe a stop in Brussels is a must. Meanwhile, Italians Online is having a convention in Brussels on June 16 at 2PM with Beppe Severgnini. More information here http://www.italiansonline.net (click on the red banner). It's in Italian, but I know that you guys speak so many languages you can probably read it.

I will not be able to make it. Wouldn't it be fun if one or some of you did? The founders of Italiansonline live in France so I'm sure they speak French. Small world indeed!


Wow! Reading this made me speechless. Thank you!

Coming over to meet you on such a special occasion meant the world to me. First of all, because the spirit of the tree was just so "good" (Drew, David, Valeria, Lewis and all involved with this idea... you are good people - wanted to tell you again). Then, because you're my friend, such a unique, wonderful person with a generous heart, giving so much around you. Does this make sense? It does to me.

Whoever reads between the lines of your post will understand (if not yet) how genuinely generous you are. After a day filled with so many (shared - Oh yes!) emotions, you took the decision to become my own personal guide through New York. You completely surprised me improvising that fantastic chat-walk in NYC streets. No rush indeed... absolute connection, perfect frequency.

Drew said it... "it's all about heart". The lesson you told me? There is so much (more) to learn out of a beautiful heart.

Thank you SO much, my dear friend.

Thanks Valeria - I forwarded the link to Philippe's boss in Belgium, she's Italian ;)

Do I need to get my butt over to Europe to ensure you bloggers are meeting up? I'll do it ya know ;-). Alas, I'd be the ignorant American who can only speak English (and broken Spanish and mangled French).

And an Italian blogger that should definitely be on your radar is Gianandrea "G" Facchini at: http://bizandbuzz.blogspot.com

That Luc is a handsome devil, yes? And a great guy, as well. I felt just a little inadequate in his presence.

Loved spending time with you all Saturday, and I spent much of yesterday sharing stories about our Saturday adventure with my family. And, as usual, I didn't let the facts get in the way of good story-telling. Because you are all so great, it was a challenge, but you are all just a little smarter and even more beautiful in my stories. You are darn near walking on water.

Lew: Yup, Luc is even better in person. Heck, all you guys and gals are--I've spent time with darn near 60 of you from all over the world now.

And I'm just getting started.

...and I came in all the way from Mount Vernon, and you didn't show me around the city. Hmmm.

Which is your favorite sushi place? You know mine -- the all-you-can eat place on W. 72nd St. (oink)


Errrr... blushing now.

Hey Lewis,
Come on, you're a star and you rock. Don't worry, your presence was an absolute delight to all of us. But most of all to CK, naturally.

PS : Plus I have to carry that... ugly french accent... you know. ;)

Next time I make it to New York, I'll walk around these places with you. How about that? :)

It's a deal Luc. Do you like sushi? I know a great place.

ck, you need to get to europe.
we can arrange a ck european tour!
that's sounds great.
luc, what about it?

I love sushi, okay anytime.

You bet! YES! You'd better get ready CK! : )

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