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Friday, May 04, 2007

Bookworms after my own heart...

Ck_quietOh how I wish I were a genie yesterday...I would have nodded my head twice and teleported to support my brethren bookworms in Atlanta. You see, they held a "read-in" as a peaceful assembly to show how much books matter to them. Alas this picture will have to do.

Actually, it was probably best that I was NOT there, being it likely wouldn't have been as peaceful an assembly. Rumor has it I get a bit mouthy when I'm passionate about something. Though that rumor has not been verified.

Here's the scoop from CNN's blog: "Thursday, a small contingent gathered in front of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's (AJC) building in downtown Atlanta, a couple blocks from CNN Center, to host a "read-in." The paper has decided to eliminate its book editor position and the activists want to show that books -- and readers -- matter. (The episode has received national coverage.)

Atlantaprotest233 So a handful of people quietly read books in front of AJC headquarters while others, standing in front of a poster saying "Save the Book Review" and a display of titles (Walker Percy's "Love in the Ruins," "Romeo and Juliet," Langston Hughes) praised AJC Book Editor Teresa Weaver and talked about why the paper was making a bad decision.

The AJC isn't alone in its rethinking. The Times recently ran a piece about newspapers cutting back on book coverage. There's not enough advertising money, the thinking goes, and readers are gravitating online anyway and getting their book information from blogs and Amazon reviews."

They're right. Books don't matter. But ideas do.

When people ask me why I decided to create a Book Club--which, mind you, is only a reality due to the amazing and endless support of MarketingProfs--I explain: Books don't matter. Ideas do. But ideas have exponentially more value when we can share them. Sure, it's groovy getting to work with authors but the value is when the authors and all the members come together and discuss the ideas. Even better that technology enables anyone to launch and lead their own discussion threads (see examples here).

I'm telling you, in two segments alone, I have learned so much I've put to practical use in my client, day-to-day work (and blogging).  And while this community has opened a new world for me, the Book Club has many members that don't blog, but they sure do book.

Bookclub_bubble_final_2Never fear bookworms, our Book Club is going strong (and comin' soon!).

Fret not, our Book Club ain't going away. In fact, a little birdie told me a rumor that Book Club Round #3 is coming and coming soon with an amazing, advancing book that every marketer should be reading and some extra goodies, too. Yep, that rumor is 100% true. Stay tuned...

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