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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Book Club Gets "Sticky" in Round #3!

Getsticky_final_2Book Club is back with a 'sticky' new round and a hot new read. Did I just say we have a "hot and sticky" segment?  Hey, if it gets you kids reading and sharing ideas then this host is doing her job. For those of you new to our Book Club, welcome aboard. And for those returning for a third round, welcome back...

What's the book? None other than bestseller "Made To Stick" by brothers Chip and Dan Heath. What's more? Instead of giving away 30 author-signed books, we're upping it to 50 free books. Giving away 30 free books is sooo last segment don't ya know. What, you want even more? Done! EVERYONE gets a (FREE!) bonus just for reading the article located here.

Made_to_stick_815kbWhile Round #1 discussed social media and Round #2 focused on branding, in Round #3 we're exploring "communications." More to the point, we're learning how we can do a far better job of making our brainy ideas stick and stick-it-out through the ages.

Made To Stick explains why some ideas survive while many others die. But that's not all: the authors have deconstructed why ideas that weren't driven by revenue goals, like urban legends and fables, have amplified across social groups and over many generations to teach us how we can get our messages right, er, stuck. It's an eye-opener and funny, to boot. So hot, sticky and funny...got all that?

Chip_and_dan_heath_made_to_stick__4Group Review for the book will begin Tuesday, June 12th so, get ready to read, chat up the author's sticky system and, wait...did you hear that? Who's cutting-in on my post? Oh, it's word from our authors. Let me be a gracious host and hand this over to them for a minute:

"Our passion is ideas and what makes them stick, so the opportunity to join a group of connoisseurs in the marketing community to banter about ideas via the MarketingProfs Book Club, well...it's going to be a heck of a time! It's kind of like turning a group of physicists loose in a particle accelerator." I don't know about you guys, but I haven't been let loose in a particle accelerator before. Hey, I'm game for anything that shakes it up a bit.

Aa_page_1_finalCheck out the author's Q&A here and most definitely go get your free bonus (it's rightfully yours, after all). Seriously, the bonus is worth this segment alone...a heaping HUGE (!) thanks to Cam Beck for his thoughtful and thought-provoking 8-page analysis of the book's core themes.

Um, what are you waiting for? I given you hot, sticky, funny and a darn particle accelerator...do I need to get those "sticky guys" back over here? I'll do it you know, get on over there!

P.S.: If you are new to my blog and are wondering that the heck this banter over (sticky!) books is about, you can go here for info. on our current segment and here to sign-up (but if you've already signed-up for the Book Club you don't need to sign-up again and yes, you're eligible for a free book).


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Good choice, CK. This will give many of us the chance to have a conversation about what we learned by using the principles outlined in the book. I know many of us have read and posted about it extensively.

"I don't know about you guys, but I haven't been let loose in a particle accelerator before."

It's been awhile, but I think it was accompanied by lots and lots of tequila.

Oh, CK, what a fun one!

Another good one CK - crossing my fingers and blinking 3 times for luck in the drawing. And Cam - that was no particle accelerator. You've got it confused with the neutron positizer :)

Bob - Let this be a lesson to both of us... Stay off the tequila. :)

CK- Awesome book and great write up for it. I am excited about this one... not that I wasn't excited by the others... I'm just saying. This sounds like a really good book. Good work by Chip and Dan.

Cam- Dude! Thanks for making the rest of us look like pathetic slackers... ok, maybe just me. Hey, was that YOU at the accelerator? Damn man... did you see my car keys? I never did find them.

Looking forward to this one! And Cam has done a great job of that PDF!

Tim - Your car keys had to be confiscated for two reasons:

1. You were drunk from all that tequila. I know you didn't feel that way. But I wasn't about to let you risk it.
2. Your transmission was put in backwards.

You can thank me later. For now, just sober up, my friend.


Um, are we getting drunk in this thread without me? I like my martinis shaken and dirty. That said, I'll do tequila given the occasion...but shall promise to sober-up for the read.

CK, in retrospect I wonder if 50 signed bottles of tequila might have served the book club discourse better than the books? Just an idea for the suggestion box. Looking forward to talking with people who can come up with better metaphors than the particle accelerator thing...

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