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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Are we marketing 'hippies'?

15hippy1_2Trying to convince my offline colleagues of the value of blogging can be challenging. And then working to explain the myriad themes that I communicate through my blog makes some clients look at me as though I've altogether lost my business brain. Which got me thinking...

between all my blogging on initiatives that advance, authenticity, sharing ideas, the share economy, connecting with the globe, using our smarts to save the world, speaking out against freebies, promoting more of a female balance at speaking events, advising CEOs to give back, advising publicists to be respectful to bloggers, and encouraging silly over serious when promoting programs and bloggers...am I a marketing hippie?

If so, my conservative father is so gonna kick my butt.

Yep, I might just be a marketing hippie. After all, my blog does have a mantra (and a mascot). And I'm vocal on pushing relationships not rankings. Come to think of it, I have covered censorship, condoms, gun control and marijuana. Plus, I do love it when the little guy gets empowered and sticks it to the man. And I even picked 'epiphany' as part of the name for my biz. Heck, I even implored Britney to make her bald head meaningful (she should have taken me up on it).

But, the thing is, I do believe in profiting. I just believe--like many of us do--in advancing the profession while we're advancing the bottom line. As I tell clients and colleagues, why not integrate that mindset into our methodologies as a staple rather than as a supplement? It seems logical not liberal.

I'd pick accessible over authoritative any day of the week. It's hard to connect with an authority. And like I said on the value collage, my goal is to connect with other marketers and my markets. Peacesignoutlinem_2Sure, I'd love to be rich. But if I had to choose, I'd rather be respected. OK, my father is definitely gonna have my head for that statement.

Yes, technologies have changed. But it's the freedom of expression and the empowerment these technologies afford us that drive the change in times. So are we the equivalent of marketing hippies or are we just hip to what our discipline and our markets have needed all along? Well, peace out.


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Back in the late 60's, we called ourselves hippies, but one of us would be a hippie. Maybe some us were a bit hippy then, even in our younger days.

I'm not sure if bloggers are marketing hippies, or simply smart marketers who are hip to what the new technologies can do. You wanna be a hippie, then peace and flower power to you. Dig it, man.

Heya DR: Thanks much. It's funny becuz I don't consider myself liberal or free thinking...only when I talk with many of my colleagues do I detect the difference in mindset and methodologies (even here in liberal NYC). Or I should say THEY detect it. It's interesting and makes for some interesting discussions. Do hope I'm hip to my market's needs.

We are hippies in the sense that we're educated idealists with a proactive agenda.

This made me smile, thanks CK =)

Funny the things you learn about yourself by putting yourself down "onto paper". I'm Australian and we have a couple of "national quirks"... one is the "tall poppy syndrome" (if a poppy gets too tall you chop it down to size") and the other is admiration for the "battler" (ordinary person made good or david and goliath stories).

One day I was reading back over things I'd written and I realised it is littered with "street art good/big global company billboards bad" and "indie film good/blockbuster bad" type comments.

"Gawd", I thought. "I'm a national cliche".

ck, you got blond? that's hippy.
i like to think that bloggers are a good mix between being hippies and being hip. think at hendrix playing with mick jagger.

Yeah I am a hippy and proud.
Peace and love!

Mario: I love how you said "proactive". Nice.

Marc: Thanks for commenting and I do know of the 'tall poppy' syndrome...Gavin Heaton (my bloke friend from down under) educated me on that and lots of your great lingo. You are NOT a cliche... and are welcome among the hippies here anytime.

Gianandrea: We are a balance indeed...and hip to our markets.

Gav: I'm proud too (even tho' my father is gonna kick my ass for saying I'd rather be respected than rich...I would like both, if possible). Peace, love and flower-power to you.

Everybody needs hippies so their pants don't fall down :) - My nephew asks me - "uncle bob were you a hippie"? the forthright response - "still am" - can ya dig it?
Now onto my bike for a nice ride home - think I'll smell the flowers. More power to your respect over riches, CK - imagine if all the world honored that desire.

Bob: yep, i dig it and I even clocked time with the corporate world (still do, they're just clients now) and through an MBA program. The point is, being driven by both principles and profits need not be mutually exclusive. I couldn't respect myself (in the morning or otherwise) if my passion of marketing didn't have that meaning. Or I didn't at least try. Enjoy the flowers...and more flower power to you.

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