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Thursday, April 19, 2007

You rock my world (yup, literally)

EarthJust making sure we're taking note (listen up!) because THIS is what the "conversation" is about. To be sure, it's about connecting--but connecting myriad viewpoints--from all over the globe--is what gives our conversations balance. And that can only happen when we smart marketers get together in one place. Actually the blogosphere isn't in one place, but work with me, k?

Take note of a post earlier this week discussing a really touchy subject (gun control laws). Issue and opinions aside, what is remarkable is where the commenters are from...being none of them are from the same place. Well, they are from Earth, but keep working with me, k?

In the course of but one thread we have commenters from various countries with various laws, various histories and various experiences sharing (various) views. That convo spanned insight from: my favorite bloke from Down Under (Gavin), my newfound friend from the U.K.(John), my graphical pal from Canada (Mark), our Bello from Italia (Gianandrea, or "G") and my Red, White and Blue buddies David, Paul, Cam, Mario and Mack--who span the northern, southern and western states of the U.S (which are sort of like different countries as each region has its own influences and flavors).

Let's face it, being American I'm biased. In fact I'm ignorant as to the other 97% of the world. But I'm becoming less ignorant. And far more open. Why? Because I've been listening to people from all over the world, and learning a heck of a lot in the process. And the thing is, it's become so darn natural to all of us for our conversations to span so many different countries...that we hardly even give it thought.

It should be noted that I do not get this range of insight from my so-called "world" newscast. It gives me info. on America and Iraq (because we're there). But I get world views here and on your blogs. Yeah, you smarties rock my world.

P.S. Speaking of newscasts a great post is here. Actually, it's probably David's best so far; it's definitely his most moving.


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I think we've both got Friedman to thank for enlightening us on the expanse of this flat world.
Another great journalist/panelist is Fareed Zakaria on PBS or online at foreignexchange.tv

Yep it's amazing how blogging makes it so easy for the world to come together. BTW congrats on 500 links ;)


Nice post! Being open to all opinions does help us grow to be more respectful of others. I have been fortunate. My military experience, my rock 'n roll band travels, and my work as a travel writer put me in touch with all kinds of folks from all over the world. What did I learn?

Most people just want to live in peace and harmony, whether they are for or against issues that may cause disagreement among us. They want to work, make friends, have families, make love, and live to a ripe old age.

I cherish all of my relationships, even among my friends who don't agree on any of my political convictions. It doesn't matter. Because one of my beliefs, which came from meeting such different peoples and enjoying so many others' company is that in most things political, our opinions don't often equal truth.

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