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Friday, March 23, 2007

It's nice when CEOs listen (especially when they listen to me)

ListeningWe've all been saying how beneficial it is for more CEOs to blog and how much we hope they start listening to our requests. I find social media to be a tremendous vehicle for CEOs to be more accessible to shareholders, the media and analyst communities. But I believe that being in a role of authority also equates to a sense of responsibility to better the industry and "give back" to future leaders.

Where am I going with all this? Specifically to a post that Roy Young wrote earlier in the week on CEO blogs where he cited Paul Levy, President and CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston (the Harvard Medical School teaching hospital). Levy started his own blog (Running A Hospital) because "he believes in transparency for everything we do."

Not one who is shy to chime-in and advocate sharing knowledge--especially when it advances an industry and future leaders--I left a comment explaining, "I'd love to see a CEO run a blog that solicits questions from students (college or MBA) and then he/she answers one a week."

And Levy took me up on it...and he's already had two students, one from Xavier University who is currently doing his residency and another MD MBA student, submit questions. All within about a 24-hour period!

So I want to thank Paul Levy for blogging and advancing the industry through social media. But I want to especially thank him for listening ;-). He's setting a great model for we marketers to point to as we encourage more leaders to begin participating and initiating a two-way dialog with their markets.

P.S.: Feel free to leave a comment for Paul Levy on his move to help students here.

Update (03/27/07): Paul continues to get questions, impart wisdom and get kudos from the students for inviting their questions.

Update (03/28/07): And now Paul has officially announced that Wednesday is Student Day...already got 11 comments as of mid-day.


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Thanks, CK!

Kudos to Paul for the smart move. Just another sign of how much pull you really have CK ;)

Good move, Paul. What you're doing now is setting an example for other CEOs to follow.

CK, I came across Paul's blog in a roundabout way [via a technorati link] just a wee bit after you visited and was astounded at the tone and wisdom of his blog. Definitely a role model for business, for medicine, and for blogging.

Brilliant idea, CK! If I had any money, I'd hire you. In the meantime, please keep sending free advice, ok?

And thanks to Mark, David and CB for the nice thoughts.

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