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Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's a fact. In fact, I've got metrics to prove it.

Dsc00636Having now met what, like 50 of you brainy bloggers? Let's see:

I've met David Berkowitz, David Reich, Noah Brier, Max Kalehoff, Mario Sundar, Lewis Green, Katie Chatfield, talked to Mack Collier at least a dozen times, David Armano, Jackie Huba, Ben McConnell, Joseph Jaffe, spoken at great length with Ann Handley, Marianne Richmond, Toby Bloomberg, Paul McEnany, talked to Stephen Denny at least five times, talked to Gavin Heaton once (but for an hour), Drew McLellan, Rebecca Edmonston, Greg Verdino, Paul Gillin, Neil Vineberg, Josh Hallett, Andy Sernovitz....

Dsc00621_3 ...and, as of Friday night's party, I've now also met Lori Magno, Mark Goren, Matt Dickman, Valeria Maltoni, Elana Centor, C.B.Whittemore, Fard Johnmar, Megan Garnhum, Alex Geana, Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman.

OK, so 37 not 50. The number doesn't matter because I already knew it. But, in marketing, we all slave over metrics so now I have undeniable, irrefutable proof that...for certain, without question and without second thought bloggers are cool, smart, genuine and generous. And you kids can party.

But here's the key takeaway: bloggers are exactly like they are on their blogs. There's no feigning here; no facade in this 'sphere (or at least not in our corner of it).

Dsc00631_3 I am honored that you great people make time for me through your day-to-day blogging and more so that you make time for me when you come into town. It is a pleasure to be your host of books and blogger meetups.

And more so, to be your friend.

So there you go...and go to Matt Dickman's blog to see ALL the cool pics from last Friday's Manhattan Meetup. There are probably 20 shots to enjoy.

A few words for you good people from Friday night: Valeria, you are a goddess (and I now promote you as such) and braved the rain to come from Philly; Toby you are such a warm person and set the bar for all Divas; David you are my dear (!) friend offline and are contributing so much online; Mark I'm so glad the Dsc00628_4first time you saw me I was jumping up and down in joy that you had made it from Quebec (I was literally jumping for joy); Matt I so regret that we only went until 2am but I know I'm going to hang with you again soon--how perfect for your conference to be this week; Marianne I just adore you and yes, your teenagers can now see proof that you were livin' the nightlife;  Fard I can't believe you live in NYC, we need to hang; David B. thanks for coming by and for always being such a great buddy; Lori I can't believe you bejeweled all the bloggers and I think you need to start a series of 3-minute weekly videos on "fashionable Dsc00625_5 living" as you've got the looks, style and personality for it (do it, you'll thank me!); Alex so glad the Diva brought you, C.B. I'm so excited you live in N.J. let's please do lunch or something this Spring and gab more; Red you rockin' redhead, thanks for hanging with we marketing bloggers!

Now, really, go to Matt's blog to get all the pics...unless you want to see all the great shoes of the night  as those would be at Lori's blog (uh, where else?).

P.S.: Anyone notice how in pics with you bloggers I'm always hugging you guys and standing really close to you? I'm gonna get myself a blogger-groupie rep.


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I've never seen a blogger that's met as many other bloggers as you have CK. Hope to get to see you this summer!

Walking into Flute on Friday night was like meeting a bunch of old college buddies – only we had never met before. What a powerful example of what blogging is all about. Thanks a million for organizing this, C.K., you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Love it. The meeting metric! Ha, and I was talking about subscription metrics today. There should be a holiday called metrics diversity day. :)

You definiteltly get the award for non-digital interactions!

You'll see me and my southern momma who keeps asking me about the blogger that lives near her. We'll have so much fun; I can't wait!

I knew that stylin' and profilin' at a "CK NYC Blogger Party" would be over the top .. and it was! Thank you thank you for putting it together with your magic touch. It was the most fun .. virtual blogger hugs Divine Ms. CK.

GREAT fun.....and now you have invented a new metric, the blogger meeting metric, completely trackable, first time visits and returning. Maybe the Blogger Meet-Up should have it's own blog...David, how about graphics and Mack could do an M-list? And pictures prove it happened! Conference attendence, optional.

CK, you rock!

(I think I have fallen back in love with NYC)

that's too cool. i've to manage to join you sooner or later.

CK, I had such a blast! I'm so glad others remembered a camera... Bloggers are JUST like their blogs. Thanks for organizing this, and we will definitely do lunch - or something.

It was great! I loved meeting everyone, although it was as if we'd all met before. Each time someone new came into the room and said who they are, the shouts of recognition, the hugs and kisses were exhilarating.

I'm still on a high from the evening.

By the way, in the pix of the stylish footwear on Lori's post, I'm proud to say the black shoe with the scuffed toe is mine. NY style, that's me.

See you all online.

I am so depressed that I couldn't be there. You all look like you had such great fun!

Hi CK, great to find you. Isn't it interesting that so many communities exist without us knowing each other? I followed a link from Servant of Chaos and found you. And your blog is a great find.


What a brilliant evening, thank you for organizing the meet up. You do remember I asked after Lewis ;-) Yes, we missed you!

Virtual links are terrific, but hugs are so much better, let an Italian tell you. We're a short train ride away from each other; let's make this just the beginning.

It was a fantastic evening. CK, you rock for setting it up! Here is to many more meetups in the future.

CK - Queen of the newest universe - you are so utterly delightful. What a treat to hang with so many fabulous and talented people. (This is not ass kissing, I'm not that nice.) I am so grateful for your kindness and humor and grace, it made for an amusing encounter for my non-blogging (and non-blog reading) husband and a spectacular finish to a great couple of days at BlogHer. I owe you sister - big time. And yes, I will seriously consider a weekly post on ideas for stylish living.

Sending love and hugs from Boston,


I enjoyed seeing you again last weekend. I look forward to more food, drinks and fun soon!

I'm jealous for two reasons. I wish I could have been there, and Matt's jacket is friggin' awesome!

Very bummed I couldn't be there.. Great to see the pics and comments. Looks like everyone really had a blast. (And what else to expect from the hostess with the most-ess?)

No, thanks for making time for me in your life!

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