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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bloggers Take Manhattan (pop the bubbly!)

Champagne_partyHow lucky can one girl get in the course of just one week? On Tuesday (3/20), Group Review for our Book Club's current segment opens (featuring the stellar work of Al & Laura Ries) and then, on Friday, thanks in large part to the Blogher Conference, I've got bloggers from North, South, East and West descending upon Manhattan.

So let's pop the bubbly, get all giddy, have a BIG group hug and then take on the city. That should fill the first hour, we'll play the rest by ear...NYC is our playground after all! Details:

Manhattan Blogger Meetup: Friday, March 23rd

Starting Place: Flute (as in a Champagne Flute, but feel free to bring musical instruments)

Location: Flute is located in midtown Manhattan (seemed to accommodate everyone by starting in Midtown, we can venture out anywhere later on if we wish). It's at 205 West 54th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue. Flute is right below street level so you need to walk down a flight of stairs to enter but there's a sign outside. Number is: 212.265.5169

Nifty Factoid: Flute is located at the site of an old Speakeasy. So perhaps the ghosts of prohibition's past will be joining us. Hard to imagine there was a time when people didn't freely drink (then again, it's hard to believe there was ever a time when people didn't freely blog).

Starting Time: 7pm

Ending Time: On Saturday at some point

ChampagneDress: Trendy (what does that mean? It means you can dress down in jeans or dress up in heels. You can go modern, vintage, punk, post-punk, Madonna material girl or Bjork swan dress)

Whom can you invite: Anyone who blogs...or anyone whose on the fence that you want to show that bloggers are only the coolest, cutest people ever.

Weather: Well, last Wednesday it hit almost 70-degrees and as I write this we're in the middle of an ice storm. So, like life, it's a mystery.

What will we do? We'll be reading and discussing books. Just kidding, that's earlier in the week. Free of books and blogs we'll be toasting each other, some of us meeting for the first time (there's nothing like the first time, ya know) and some of us re-grouping after meeting all over the world. And we'll likely drink some bubbly goodness. And then some more.

Can't wait to see all. I understand there will be cute shoes. I know there will be cute bloggers.


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CK - Absolutely Perfect! But then we all expected nothing less when the fab CK throws a blogger party. Can't wait to sip the bubbly with you and our BBFs.

Yay CK! Another opportunity for cute shoes! See you on Friday!

Looking forward to it!


Looks great - I should be able to make this one

In my absence, can I send a photo of my shoes? No heels, sorry.

Kay and I will be there wearing something.

I'd love to come but alas, the commute back to CT after a long week on a Friday would about kill me. Have fun - this is one of the best books I've read in a long, long time. I have dreadful shoes in any case, no loss there.

Weather permitting, I'm wearing my red stilleto heels.

Oh no! I was, for some spacey reason, thinking this was set for THursday! I am busy with plans made 6 months ago with my nephew.

So, with regrets, I will not be there!

Can't wait. I wouldn't miss Books & Bubbly! I'll bring the bubbles.. -Michele

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