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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh what the community hath wrought...

Safeinthecity_1It started innocently enough. Well maybe not so innocently...but for a good cause. In my push for promoting socially responsible practices, I learned NYC will be touting an official city condom as part of its impressive marketing strategies to decrease the spreading of STDs and HIV-AIDS.

So I thought why not ask you smart marketers for some great copy for the wrappers to generate more awareness while involving the community? And you guys and gals gave me your best lines, check out the ideas 48 hrs. later:

  • My suggestion? "I heart NY...and tonight, I heart you."
  • Stephen Denny "conceived" this goodie: "If you can make it HERE, you'll make it anywhere."
  • Tammy Strnatka leveraged a fear angle with: "Put on a condom or die!" and "Love Kills". Tammy, I'm afraid.
  • Social marketing smartie Nedra Weinreich had 2 goodies: first, "For the Big Apple's Big Bananas" and second "Safe Sex in the City"...to which I say, Carrie & Co. would be proud.
  • Drew McLellan also offered not one but two with, "Unless you REALLY love her, wear it." and "The price of not wearing this? Child support."
  • Paul Barsch suggested a rubber bracelet, akin to Lance Armstrong's "Livestrong" circlet encouraging waiting with: "Save IT for Marriage"
  • Mad Ave'r McHale did the math with: "Suffication + Stuffication = Studfication". McHale, you were listening in class.
  • Michelle Mullen advocates different messages and packaging the condoms like the candy hearts at Valentines with different sayings on them like "You're special," "I love you," "I respect you," "I'm a safety girl," "I'm doing a science project and I need your help" "Yes it's a large and it does fit".
  • Mark Goren went ALL OUT with designer Ryan Mesheau and made two designs. I've shown one at the top right of this post (snazzy, eh?) but the other one you'll have to hop to his blog for...and it involves Lady Liberty and that's all I'm saying.
  • Chris Blackman went "old book" with this thinking..."So let me see if I got this: Back in the Garden of Eden, Eve was offering Adam the Big Apple? Maybe the condoms could be sold with a slogan: "Give in to the Big Apple of Temptation." To which I suggested "Give in (safely) to the Big Apple of Temptation". Eve is grinning, I just know it. Adam not so much.
  • And Laurence-Helene suggested colourful badge-type wrappers with a short and punchy message akin to these.
  • Vaspers turned a witty tattoo phrase into a safety line with "This doesn't mean I love you."
  • Matt Dickman went all double entendre with us touting the benefit angle and, um, you know, in his suggestion of "Live Long."
  • Rebecca Edmonston suggested a wrapper with a subway logo and the copy: "The safest ride in NYC."

Please feel free to voice in; but over there so I can keep track of all these goodies. I'll be submitting them to the City later this week--they didn't ask for them, mind you, but when did that stop us from doing great work for a good cause?! Remember, the copy needs a NY angle. You marketers sure are smart (and sexy, to boot).

Note: Artwork above courtesy of Mark Goren and Ryan Mesheau.


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This was a tattoo idea, but I guess this slogan would be okay for a condom too:

"This doesn't mean I love you."

Shame on me.

Vaspers: Ha! As a tattoo it's priceless. Now think of one with a NY angle for us and voice-in at The Fix :-).

Thanks, CK. For the record, it's Ryan Mesheau, a good buddy – and even better designer – in Ottawa.

If you need any assistance or advice drop me a note as I am sure I can help. y firm has been producing and marketing condoms for well over a decade.

Filchyboy: Thanks so much...these would be city produced as part of their program. We're just giving them recommendations with messaging so as to increase safety/health...but your comment is a first on this blog ;-).

Great job brining this to light CK. It's fantastic when generous people get together and share ideas for such great causes.

Hi Matt: Thanks for stopping by. It really is tremendous when we share great ideas--that's what I most enjoy about this new medium. Again, great line you brainstormed!

I've got another scary one...

"Love Kills"

From Sid and Nancy

Actually, I almost got that tattooed on me in the 80's
Now that's scary!


Another way to get the word out.

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