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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

C-c-c-courage (the year of).

Cowardly20lionIn this, my last post regaling the New Year, I regale the year of the Lion. For me, anyhow...I think it's otherwise (er, officially) the year of the pig (which starts Feb. 18th).

That lion over there had a tough go at it. But in the end he got his courage. He just needed to do some courageous things.

And then a few more.

And then he understood that he was courageous the whole time. He just let fear get in front of his courage and once he realized it, poof (!), the courage was back out front.

(I hope I didn't wreck the story for those of you who've not yet seen it.)

So this year I'm gonna try do some courageous things. They most definitely won't be as breathtaking as David Blaine's stunts or as brainy as Einstein's schemas, but they'll always involve getting out of the way of my greatest obstacle: me. And getting closer to my markets, and my craft.

I predict I'll come up with some ideas, some will soar...others will tank, I'll fall flat on my face, overcome some fears--both real and really silly--and, when necessary, get back up. While I want to learn a whole lot and do a good bit, I want courage to be my compass this year. And lion trumps pig in my book...especially when he wears a red bow.

Hmmm, can a blog have a mascot? Of c-c-c-course! I just donned him as such and he has a permanent place over there in my sidebar under "About CK" (right beneath my blog's mantra). I doubt I'll face a witch or a wizard but at the beginning of the year anything is possible...

P.S.: To clarify: it's not an "I'm-woman-hear-me roar" kind of year as that's high and mighty. No 'tude here; mine is purely a courage play.

Update (04.28.07): More on the "absence of fear" right here.


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I love the lion - and the nod to c-c-c-courage. Are you familiar with the Jana Stanfield song "If I Were Brave?" If not, here is a taste of the lyrics:
"What would I do, if I knew that I could not fail?
If I believed, would the wind always fill up my sail?
How far would I go? What could I achieve,
trusting the hero in me?

If I were brave, I’d walk the razor’s edge,
where fools and dreamers dare to tread.
I'd never lose faith, even when losing my way.
What step would I take, today, if I were brave?"

It seems very appropriate for your year of the lion. I guess Jana uses the song in her keynote presentations. You can see more at www.janastanfield.com.

Happy New Year!

Go CK!
I was listening to a John Maxwell audiobook earlier and it was quite inspiring because he pointed out that Attitude is the most powerful influencer of success. That hit me hard because sometimes I think of my shortcomings and how I could be better if only I was a bit more knowledgeable on this, more adept at that software, etc....when all of that thinking is self-defeating and energy wasted; when instead I could be working more on client projects or building relationships with potential partners and clients.

Good Luck in the New Year

Excellent CK!

"...it's not an "I'm-woman-hear-me roar" kind of year" - LOL!

I feel connected with your resolution and send you all the c-c-c-Courage of your Alien mascot friend. :)

c-c-c-ck, you have a lot of c-c-c-courage.
it shows from your ideas, your attitude.
and eventually, we all need some c-c-c-courage.
let's share it.


True, we have spent but a few hours together, not counting all the messaging between us, but it never occurred to me that you lacked courage. In fact, it's a little scary to think of you getting stronger. On the other hand, I can't wait to see what that looks like.

Jodee: great "meeting" you through that lion (with a cool red bow!) and I thank you for pointing me to Jana--look forward to checking-out your blog.

Mario: A courageous attitude is where it's at. Seems like we were having the same thought...you were listening to Maxwell while I was over in Oz.

Mindblob: Thanks for the out-of-this-world courage! You give me so much and no, it's not a high/mighty courage--just striving to not hesitate due to fear.

G: Yes, I will share it and I will need some from you guys. It's all about share (as you know) I just need to get more c-c-c-courage so I can share more and grow more.

Lewis: Don't doubt it, we know one another well. And, not for nothin', you're the fearless one, friend!

All: Ain't it grand that courage comes tied up in a BIG red bow? I just love that ol' lion.

Well, I think I should prolly find a brave mascot too... I stumble over my own fear/ hesitation even more than my big feet. I am going to swallow some pride and drink from the humility fountain a little more so that I can side-step fear; ego sometimes has more to do with that. Failure can be as rewarding and powerful if you are willing to embrace it and learn from it. That's one of my goals for the year... and to start and then finish the book... and learn to podcast and vidcast. Then I can rule the world with my iron fist! (Or not.)

I am the mascot of my shadow for we are strangers even to ourselves in perpetuity.


CK - you are one of the most courageous people I know. To be brave does not mean you may not be afraid but are willing to take the risk. Wishes for a glorious 2008 with few tears and much joy.

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