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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A promise begets a promotion

Classic20mickeyI really enjoy using this medium to share ideas, be it promoting others through posts, giving advice through comments or contributing ideas that another might not have thought of (but might just help them). There are several ways we can spread ideas to help each other collectively...and individually.

Sometimes you need to nudge an idea forward; get a little silly. No worries, I've certainly been my share of zany when the occasion calls. Hey, whatever energizes people and gets the job done. Which brings me to a post I published in early December...

Reading Drew McLellan's blog I noticed that, while on vacation in Disney World, he penned a nifty eight-part series aptly titled "Marketing Lessons from Walt". The series ranged a bevy of best practices in succinct, fun posts that, according to Drew, captured "some of the marketing genius that I believe began with Walt's passion and has now grown into one of the world's most powerful brands." The series provided Drew an opportunity to delight clients and prospects with some truly unique thought leadership...but with one BIG problem.

You see, the posts were already creeping into his blog's archives. And let's face it: 90% of the industry just isn't reading blogs yet, and not at all regularly. Being that Drew is such a fan of "all things Walt Disney" and put so much heart and thought into the series it warranted more care--and far more coverage.  I saw that as a problem...but a problem is just an opportunity in disguise (or, in ears).

Mousekateerck_shot1_white_5So I penned a post promoting the series, suggested an epiphany and posed a proposition: if Drew would spend the time--and the design bucks--to repackage the content into a formal, transferable format, I would help him promote it. The nudge? If he would get me some ears I would wear them proudly and post the evidence HERE on my blog--AND on my MySpace page.

That smart marketer called my bluff. A promise is a promise (and this girl keeps her promises)...

So here I am in all my glory with my one-of-a-kind ears for all the 'sphere to see (just click the pic for larger mug and ears). Drew even honored my request and had them custom-stitch "marketeer" on the ears for me. Truth be told I didn't promise the red bows; they just felt right. Do have fun laughing at me but definitely enjoy the great read that Drew threw his heart and soul into compiling for us. There's a gem in every segment of the series. Ears not included.

P.S. While I find them fitting given the spirit of the shot my mom thinks ponytails are too unprofessional for a businesswoman. To which I reminded her it was a pic of me wearing mouse ears.  She maintains her position.

P.P.S.: Thanks to Gavin for penning a unique angle to this story on using your ears to really listen; it's here.

P.P.P.S: Cam at Chaos Scenario has penned a thoughtful post on Disney's Brand Magic that inspires child-like enthusiasm (told from the viewpoint of his child's experience ). If you thought the pics here were good...go check out the cutie on his blog.


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Not professional?

I think the pigtails look great. Maybe you'll start a new trend. If I hadn't just had a haircut last weekend, I'd put my grey hair into pigtails, although they'd never compete with yours.

Nice ears, by the way. Now I understand whyy you are such a good listener -- big ears.


Too funny! You are SUCH a great community advocate, I'll have to check out the series, and I'll tell Drew that 'Minnie' sent me ;)

I loved that series. Thanks for suggesting it to Drew.

And I gotta say, I think the ponytails and ears are highly professional - being that they were fulfilling a promise and a way to promote a great idea. Can't get more professional than that. :)

soooo amazing. bring them if you go to venice for the carnival

Thank you for sharing that link to Drew's series. I've already read through four of the posts and it's terrific. The photo of you in the ears got the point across perfectly so I'd say it worked.

Wow. That's taking one for the team, CK! You never cease to amaze and impress me with your generosity to and promotion of others. I concur with you about the quality of that series in particular, and Drew's blog in general.

You are just adding another moniker to your arsenal ... do we call you Christina? Or CK? Or Minnie? or MM?

But you are right about blog penetration ... the numbers are still small and the awareness and understanding of many marketers is still in its infancy. David Armano has taken to posting a separate category of his Greatest Hits ... which is an excellent way of maintaining the relevance of good work. Alternatively, it would be good to see Drew turn this series into a Change This manifesto.

You guys put me at ease...fun for sure but a wee bit frightening to go all ears. That said, I'd do it again in a second--for a good cause.

David: Thanks. Can't wait for your blog launch (is it ready yet dude?).

Mack: Just taking a page from your book. You've inspired us so much. Yeah, it's all your fault :-).

Tony: That series is succint gold. He really endowed so much knowledge in such a fun format and now, forever. Nice to 'meet' you.

G: Would I go to Carnivale without 'em? Not a chance!

Matt: Thanks for the assurance -- very much appreciated! Nice to "meet" you as well.

Cam: Thank you so much; you're always so great to me. I think Faith would look smashing in some ears. And where's another pic? It's been 2 weeks already since the last shot of that beauty.

Gavin: Great idea!...BUT: I OFFICIALLY pass the torch to you to nudge Drew as god knows what I'll have to wear to get a "Change This Manifesto" from him (ha, ha).


Silly -- are you kidding? You look smashing! Doesn't every woman need a little black set of ears?

One of the things I admire most about you is that you embrace being authentically silly on occasion. The photo series you did for the book club is just one example of you being so comfortable being yourself that you have the confidence to have some fun with it.

Thanks so much for the brilliant nudge and for being such a good sport and donning the ears.


The ears are great and so are the ribbons. Terrific idea. Congrats to both you and Drew.


Holy sh*t! I just belly laughed at your mom's opinion. That is perfect!

She maintains her position...


And, you look lovely with your big ears, by the way. :)

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you who've said such kind things about the series and my blog.

It's been cool to share two of my biggest passions -- marketing and Disney.

More to come, I promise.


I have a pair of furry office ears for especially stressful situations that have made the move to Chicago with me. I found a wardrobe of them at an animation conference in China and have found that they suit most occasions when 'professional' life should not be taken seriously. Non verbal communication is a wonderful thing.
Pigtails? Ribbons? I'd prefer those over negativity and ego driven shennanigans any day.
Fun wins.

Drew: Thanks so much; it's my pleasure to promote your good work.

Paul: Thanks for not poking fun at me (but it would be OK if you did :-). Yep, mom is funny!

Sandy: You always have such kind words.

Shouty: I sure would LOVE to see you in your ears and yes, fun is sooo much better than ego BS. That's just not our style.

oh, oh, I forgot to say that you should make it your second life avatar with these ears

CK- My son posted one on his blog:


So very CK! Love the ears, the red ribbons and the innovation and creativity from both CK and Gavin.

G: Done. I'll get my avatar all ear'd up for you.

Cam: Your son is sooo cute. You should post it on your blog (the vid).

Toby: Heya Diva! Can NOT wait to see you at Blogher ;-).

What type of drink goes with Mickey Mouse ears ;-)

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