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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sucker for a Series (and Mickey)

Classic20mickey_3Now here's a blogger after my own heart--go on vacation and make a hearty series out of it! Minding my own blogging business, I happenstance upon the tail end of a series over at Drew's Marketing Minute and I wanted to share.

Titled "Marketing Lessons from Walt", it's a worthwhile series with a lot of good information...in very succinct posts (Bravo on content and brevity, Drew).

According to Drew: "As my family and I enjoy Walt Disney World, I'm going to capture some of the marketing genius that I believe began with Walt's passion and has now grown into one of the world's most powerful brands." He goes through best practices in each of his 8 installments, ranging:

I'm not yet sure if Day 3, 5 or 8 is my favorite but there's a gem in each post. Drew, here's an epiphany if you've not yet thought of it: repackage this content into a PDF for your clients and prospects (and we bloggers) and send them a special-delivery holiday package from Mickey...maybe get 'em a mousketeer hat with the word "marketeer" on it. I doubt they'd forget the lessons or the packaging.

Thanks again for sharing the insights of your vacation. Do you hear that bloggers? No rest for the weary...Drew has set the bar for us to blog on holiday.

Acfgg0ta9 **Update: Looks like Drew is going to take me up on my epiphany and package the series in a PDF and possibly even do the mickey-mouse "marketeer" ears, too. Drew, it will be a great piece for your clients and prospects...people like entertainment with their best practices (and, as a result, will remember them for years to come). As soon as the PDF is ready I'll promote it here--and I'm angling to get my hands on some "marketeer" ears, as well. In fact...if Drew sends them to me I'll take a pic of me in them and post it right here (and on my MySpace page, too). That's a promise and I shall wear them with pride--while you good folks have fun laughing at with me!

Update (01.24.07): The promotion and promise above have been fulfilled. Please go here for the series PDF...and the pics!

P.S.: While not a series in best practices per se, here's another series of sorts....in a long line of tats (that's tattoos). Check out Tim Jackson's December tattoo here..and then his October tattoo here. He's giving out prizes if you can guess a certain biker thingie the most recent tattoo is based upon. Sorry readers, I can't post the pics of his tats--after all the pain that man went through it would just be wrong not to send you to his corner to view the evidence. Bravo on the ink, my friend.


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yes, a pdf would help in sharing.
tim is really too cool.


Thank you so much for the tip of the ears and the kudos.

It was actually a lot of fun to write and as we walked through the parks, have the entire family noticing smart marketing.

And I love your PDF and ears idea! Watch for the download on my blog soon!



Drew: Kudos well deserved. I'm so sorry that I didn't see it until the last day but, it actually worked out perfectly for me to document all here and show a glorious example of the series in full.

Again, you hit home a key point everyday and did it with such brevity.

Please do let me know as soon as you package the series as I'll promote it here. Have some fun with it! I assure you that clients like some entertainment with their best practices--makes theme easier to remember...and they'll certainly remember you when the new projects roll in.

If you do the ears, may I please have some? I'll even take a pic of myself and post it here for all my readers to laugh at!

I have read how Tom Peters and Peter Drucker admire the Disney operation. Drucker mentions how they started their Tokyo area Disneyland using Zero Defects Management, with no real problems right off the bat.

The Japanese expected this stereotypical flagship American corporation to get off to a bumpy start and take up to "three years to work all the bugs out of this massive undertaking".

But they had done computer simulations and intense employee training to fully master all aspects and forseeable problems that might arise.

Gosh. Now I feel lazy by comparison. ;)

"Marketeers." Genius.

That is amazing Drew... dang. I am SO unworthy in comparison...

Marketeers rocks! I think we all need ears now. I love the idea...

Jeesh CK, thanks for the link and ink love. You are too kind- as always (have you folks noticed a pattern here?). I'm an addict, I admit it, but fortunately I have just a tiny bit of restraint left and won't hopefully end up as a sideshow act any time soon. I realize I have to stop eventually... right?

The Marketeers thing rocks... I love it!

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